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Marshall University 10-Year Master Plan 

The purpose of the Marshall University Campus Master Plan (Master Plan) is to establish a comprehensive framework for guiding the future development of Marshall University. Numerous inter-related factors must be considered. They include the desired physical and aesthetic environments, attributes that foster our distinctiveness, programmatic development and discontinuation, sustainability considerations, anticipated learning and work environs, campus navigation preferences, property acquisitions, accessibility and transportation routing and flow patterns – all are essential considerations to resolve in order to focus and prioritize future planning efforts and decision-making by the University.

collapse Title : Campus Base Data Scope ‎(3)
Folder: 1. Campus Base Data Scope
Folder: 2. Other Data Scope
Scoping Meeting Data Request List.pdf
collapse Title : Information Collection ‎(9)
Folder: 1. Campus Base Data
Folder: 2. Building Facilities Information
Folder: 3. Site and Environmental Information
Folder: 4. Utility Information
Folder: 5. Area Information
Folder: 6. Traffic and Parking
Folder: 7. Space Planning Data
Folder: 8. Other Data
Master Index for Information Index.pdf
collapse Title : Infrastructure ‎(8)
Folder: 1. Campus Base Data - Infrastructure
Folder: 2. Building Facilities Information - Infrastructure
Folder: 3. Utility Information - Infrastructure
Folder: 4. Traffic and Parking - Infrastructure
Folder: 5. Space Planning Data - Infrastructure
Folder: 6. Graphic Design - Infrastructure
Folder: 7. IT Infrastructure
Infrastructure Collection List.pdf
collapse Title : Reports ‎(1)
Folder: Reports




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 HEPC Series 12 - Capital Projects
 2003 - Land Use Master Report
 2003 - Off Campus Master Plan
 2003 - Space Benchmarking Survey
 2003 - Institutional Space Utilization Summary
 2008 - Update MU Facility Land Use Master Plan
 2008 - Update 5 Year Campus Master Plan
 2011 - Campus Master Plan Update/Revisions
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