Draft Minutes

Information Technology Council

September 14, 2007


Present:†††††††††††††† Jan Fox, Gary Anderson, Mike McCarthy, Dennis Anderson, Arnold Miller, Monica Brooks, Teresa Bolt, Karen McComas, Allen Taylor, Tom Hankins, Ronda Sturgill, Frances Hensley, David Johnson, Dominique Elmore, Layton Cottrill, Anita Lockridge

Minutes from
April 2007:††††††† Approved as amended

Committee Updates:

Jan Fox:††††††††††††††† As the year progresses, we need to hear committee reports.When we have a new procedure to put in place we will have at least two readings; one for draft and one to vote and approve.It takes at least two readings to approve policies or procedures.†††††

The state IT Conference was held in August.We voiced concerns that it comes the week before school starts and have made a formal request that it be moved to another time during the year.Marshall had more presentations at the conference than any other institution in the state.

RIAA infringements are still a hot topic.

We submitted, with other agencies, an FCC grant for Internet2teleealth grant.It is a 12 million dollar proposal; we should know by the 23rd of this month whether that will go though.If this goes through it would change the research complexion, resource availability, and improved healthcare.

We have doubled the internet bandwidth to 200M and have already hit 147M.(we are constraining peer to peer to 1M)

Allen:††††††††††††††††††† 10% budget holdback will impact availability of UCS sites.We are working to identify how we will absorb the cuts if they stay in place.

The Student Center Governing Board has approved the renovation of the Student Center for a Computing Services lab.We will try to meet their deadline to locate units there by December even with the cuts.The Student Center will be expanding their hours which will provide additional access for students.

Conference USA mandated the sharing of digital game video and is now exchanging game film electronically.It seems to be working well

Conversion to Vista and Office 2007 is going well.Exchange 2007 conversion is in progress now.

We are planning a trial of 802.11n which is the next version of wireless.It will be in pilot in December in Drinko with plans to upgrade the campus wireless in July.There are a variety of programs, such as health professions that have adopted 802.11b hand-held devices that are using the wireless network.

I was nominated by Jan and Paul Hill to serve on the EPSCoR on Cyber infrastructure group. ††There is a meeting in mid-October at UK.We hope that coupled with potential funding from EPSCoR, for cyber infrastructure along with the FCC grant will move us along with connectivity to Internet 2.

David:†††††††††††††††††† I have a meeting on the 19th with Blackboard to discuss the gaps in service and the fact that migration to Version 4 has been slow.We are meeting to discuss the stateís relationship with Blackboard and meeting on 20th about the migration utility.†† We are still running the pilot of Blackboard Version 4 through Blackboard itself.Everyone using it now seems pleased with it.

We currently have 4,800 enrollments in online courses as of yesterday.

TECI classrooms:we are scheduled to add an additional 5 rooms over the holiday break and additional 3-4 rooms over spring break.

Arnold:†††††††††††††††† Over the summer we cut over the network between the remote campuses and the Huntington campus to network called transparent land service with a full gigabit between here and So Charleston.

We completed a second gig link between here and MUGC for the disaster recovery build we are doing at that site.This is a slow process and will need an investment of money for power and air conditioning in So. Charleston.

In the spring, we cut over of all residence hall ports to a process called Cisco Clean Access that checks each computer on a regular basis for viruses being imported into campus.We are forcing students to re-register on a monthly basis related to the monthly Black Tuesday updates from Microsoft.

We will be seeing a change over to the new mail server for Exchange 2007.We will start the migration of mail boxes soon.Most of you wonít see this background change, but the Outlook Web interface looks slightly different and has more features. ††Dennis raises question about timing out issue on Outlook Web.Arnold will look into it.

We will announce the Barracuda spam filters soon.This software will provide a tool for you to control mail coming into your mail box.You will control how you filter your own spam.

Upgrades to Banner will be made over Christmas break.

There has been some controversy over the use of wireless devices in residence halls.For security reasons, we have banned the use of individual wireless devices in residence halls.This not only protects the university, but also protects the students from being spied upon.Residence hall management is looking at providing wireless in residence halls.Protecting students is more important that exposing them to outside compromise.Residence services has paid for wireless in public areas, but they do not want to pay for it in actual dorm rooms.

Mike:††††††††††††††††††† We are finished rolling out the electronic medical records system to all the departments and physicians at the new Fairfield building.We will roll out next month to family practice.All Scripts is the company we are using.

We are also moving forward with electronic prescribing and it is being made available to all physicians in US at no costs through All Scripts.We are doing an internal review on our policies so university policies should not make any change.

Jan:††††††††††††††††††††††† There is now an Emergency site link on all web pages.If there were an emergency on campus, we have a method in place to send out information to students.I provide the information to the group.

The new front web page has become a recruiting site and we will eventually add a graduate site.

I met with Staff Council regarding training they requested for staff.There will be a training piece in Vista for basic computer training and everything we currently have.We will welcome comments for future courses.

Review of Policies

We need to review existing policies and make suggestions of what policies need to be reviewed and updated.Any other policies and procedures that you feel are necessary throughout the year; please bring them forth to this committee for the Agenda

Layton would like to see group look at policies and remove any policies that are no longer needed and shorten existing policies if necessary

Copyright Issues

Arnold:†††††††††††††††† The RIAA process (RIAA is for the recording industry and there is a like body in movie and software industries).We are trying to include all bodies under this procedure.The policy is clear that copyright infringement is theft.The procedure for dealing with copyright infringement was established last year.If we are told by a copyright holder that someone is violating copyright, we become liable for those infringements.The process we have in place was based upon the notices we get from them.Last year by the spring we already had over 300 notices that we had processed and we are already getting violations this fall.Distribution and Committee review of letter to be sent out to students in the event of violations.One of the things we do is to limit where we can identify peer to peer traffic and illegal trading of copyrighted material and restrict access to 1 gig of bandwidth.When we get notices, we follow this procedure.The expanded RIAA/MIAA procedure, attempts to detail what we have to do to respond to these complaints.We need to change our formal procedure to include these items.

The early Settlement letter from the RIAA requests us to preserve information.The RIAA decides the subset of cases that they are going to carry to the next step.The RIAA cannot identify the individuals behind our firewall.We are the only source to identify those people.The early settlement letters ask us to pass information on to the individual regarding possible settlement.

Per Layton we are trying to make it more difficult for the RIAA to come after this information because it costs the institution money.I donít know how successful we are going to be with this because we are the front edge of this type of litigation.We are attempting to deliver settlement notices.Last year, students who entered into the settlement did so at a cost of about $3000. Those who didnít take the settlement were looking at fines of $750 per downloaded song.Downloading is a violation of computer policy and the university student code of conduct.We have identified a couple students who continue to violate even after notification and we are trying to determine whether it is time to suspend or expel.We are trying to keep the university out of some type of lawsuit where we find ourselves in a position that we appear to be a co-conspirator with the illegal downloaders.We want to cooperate as much as possible while still protecting our students.We donít want Marshall to become a target for the RIAA.

We receive preservation notices that state that they want us to preserve the logs for a certain time frame.

Once we receive a Subpoena (so far we have received 12) we have to comply.At this point the RIAA has gone to a judge to ask for identity of individuals.We need a process because these have to go through legal and student affairs.

Subpoenas mean that the RIAA has gone to court and asked to start proceedings but are not forced by law to tell the violator that discovery is taking place.Discovery takes place before student even knows it taking place.

Frances feels that letter is too intensive but should be bullet points with link to the distributed letter information.We will give the information to UNI teachers to relate to students.Bullets will include cost of settlement, fines, etc.

A notice will come up as part of the Cisco Clean Access about downloads and violation of policies.

Arnold will try to draft procedure documents by the next meeting, but it is unknown if we will have the information by that time.Jan will prepare letter to UNI students and bullet point with link to all students for general broadcast today.