NOVEMBER 5, 1999

9:30 – 11:00 AM


Present:  Gary Anderson, Jan Fox, Jim Hooper, Karen McComas, Brandy Jacobs, Gary Weis.  By phone conference from S. Charleston: Dennis Prisk

Guest:  Rob Hartwell, Arnold Miller, Matthew Thornton


The minutes were approved with the following correction.  Brian Morgan’s name was spelled correctly. Jan introduced Brandy Jacobs (Student Body President).


Year 2000 Update: Miller:  In reporting to finish Y2K efforts by the end of October we are 95-98% there.  There are still three nagging problems that could be considered close to critical.


        MILO:  Part of MILO is not Y2K compliant.  It appears the company that manufacturer the hardware and software for our Voice Response System (BRITE) has not changed to the new format with our new banner system.  We want to install this in the spring.  Don’t want to invest in a product until we can get some clear answers.   Pre-registration in the fall will not be affected.  Setting the date back until we can get a decision will test registration after the first of the year.


        Payroll Personnel System: We did not get Banner HR in time to update old system.  For a whole variety of reasons that has not happened.  Part of the problem was that the state was redoing the payroll system.  It was in time to do the payroll but not in time for us to write the interface for our system.  Will need to revert to manual system to keep things going.  However, this is not an unsolvable problem.


        Job Submission System: System is running on a machine that is not Y2K compliant.  Mike McGuffey is the only person who uses this for his reports.  It is not service critical.  Reports not due until well into January.  If these reports don’t get in world doesn’t stop.


We had a meeting with Y2K Committee and Information Service Providers from various departments.  There was no negative feedback.  The second part of that meeting dealt with the handout, Y2K Readiness Package, and letter to Marshall University Community.  This is information on desktop access readiness page found on the web at  A letter is being sent out to everyone.  The departments also have their own technical support along with our HELP desk.  Not considered super critical.


The big thing we need now is a contingency plan for the what if questions Arnold will draft something for Jan for the cabinet meeting on some things we might want to consider.  Need to go over whole list in all areas of what if questions.


Jim Hooper asked the following question about the registration process.  How bad could it get?  Arnold felt very confident that setting the date back after the beginning of the year would do just fine for now.  The bigger issue is the company called Brite Voice, which will not return phone calls, and they were not at the EDUCAUSE Conference to explain their status.  Jan said that is the fear right now.  Arnold stated we just did a $20,000 upgrade and previously invested $40,000 with the company.  That portion is just voice.  We can do away with voice, however, 70% of students register by voice.  Not all have access via the web to register.


E-mail Policy – Weis: After much discussion and changes to the original policy a motion was made and second to accept the following changes.  The motion passed.


These are the changes for the E-mail policy:


1.         On page 1 under “Purpose”, update the list of items to agree with the topics covered.

2.         On page 1 under “(2) Postmaster Responsibilities”, move second paragraph from “(3) Undeliverable Mail” to “(2) Postmaster Responsibilities” as a second paragraph.

3.         On page 2 under “(4) Email Violations” in topic “Unauthorized Mass Mailing”, add a link to the “Abuse and Use Policy”.  Also add the words “excessive, unauthorized, and frivolous” before “mailings of two hundred or more……..” in the second sentence.

4.         On page 2 and page 3, there are two references for attachments.  These will be combined and placed under “(4) Email Violations”.

5.         On page 3 under “(5) Username Dissemination”, the word “Register” should be “Registrar”.  Also the last sentence will be changed from “No one will knowingly permit its release for the purpose of advertising, mass mailings, or other commercial uses.” to “No one may knowingly permit unauthorized release of directory information for the purpose of advertising, mass mailings, or other commercial uses.”

6.         On page 3 under “(6) Discovery of Illegal Activity”, the first sentence will be changed from “Messages whose content is clearly illegal will be reported to the “University Computing Services Help Desk”, appropriate campus official(s) or to the Public Safety Office.” to “Any messages whose content is clearly illegal should be reported to the “University Computing Services Help Desk”, appropriate campus official(s) or to the Public Safety Office.”  Also the last sentence “Such items might be discovered as part of normal Postmaster activity, dead letter processing, contact from local/state/government agencies or other tasks.”  will be moved to follow the first sentence.

7.         On page 3 under “(7) File Backup”, the third sentence will be removed “Furthermore, some backups are archived for long-term storage.”.

8.                  On page 3 under “(9) Email Janitor”, the “(9) Email Janitor” will be changed to  “(9) Email Custodian” to agree with the term used by Computing Services.  Also the last sentence “The “Email Janitor” deletes email older than 90 days every

9.                  Saturday.” was too general and will be changed to “The “Email Custodian” deletes items from the inbox, newmail, mail, deadletter, wastebasket, and trash older than 90 days every Saturday.  This does not effect Microsoft Outlook users”.

9.         On page 4 under “(11) General Information and Definitions”, the last sentence of the second item of the topic “Email Users” was changed from “Use of electronic mail to conduct surveys does not negate the requirement of appropriate approvals.” to “Use of electronic mail to conduct surveys does not negate the requirement to obtain the appropriate approvals to send mass mailings.”.



EPOC Committee: Hartwell:  We continue the migration of the web site from the old server to the new server as well as replace some of the services from the old server.  The calendar can point to the old server but it cannot be transferred to the new server.  Jan suggested going through Outlook.  We can take information in the exchange server in

Outlook and access that through the web.  I have created a web calendar with is sorta like a public folder.  You can access this by going to 


New Business: Fox:  We will create on the ITC web page all our policies. 

Robert Row requested a liaison from faculty senate to set on the committee.


Copyright Policy:  Fox:  We will do a reading for next time on copyright issues since Layton Cottrill is not here.  Do we have a standing copyright policy for entire campus?  We need to make sure that every faculty member understands.  The lack of knowledge and the laws have changed. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.  Our next meeting will be December 3rd. This will be a 2 way between Drinko Library 439 and Education Conference Room in South Charleston.



ITC Minutes 11.5.99