November 1, 2002

9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


Attendance:†††† Jan Fox, Donna Spindel, Frances Hensley, Matthew Christian, Allen Taylor, Barbara Winters, David Johnson, Don Combs, Arnold Miller, Tom Hankins





Jan Fox:†††††††††† Committee Updates:

Allen will be mentioning the ITC Planning documents that are big on the State agenda right now.October and November are big reporting times within the state.Barbara actually has a report she is bringing here today dealing with her library report.


The biggest state issue right now is the Vista project that weíre doing with WVU and Fairmont.This is the Enterprise release of the WebCT product.The Chancellor has agreed to let Fairmont do their own, so itís a three-way business now.Because of that, he doesnít have enough equipment dollars for all three.He said yesterday, it might be 75 cents on the dollar he will pay for equipment.I did go to the SREB meeting with Bruce Chalox and Jim Mingle, who are big in distance education.WVU and Marshall were the only schools with anything to say, the other schools arenít even players in the on-line world.Bruce Chalox really liked our financial policies.Fairmont will be a huge player in the undergraduate and community college arena.WVU is a player because of their size.The SREB legislative group, led by Lloyd Jackson will meet in 2 weeks in Florida.There is a huge West Virginia legislative delegation going to this meeting.††† We are well represented in this area.We had over 3,100 students last year in t-courses.


Our biggest limiting factor will be running out of faculty with training in this format.There is a policy question of how we use someone elseís faculty members to teach the courses.It may be possible to make outside faculty Marshall adjunct faculty members.We will work with Barbara Tarter on these strategies.††


Georgia is not handling their WebCT with shared faculty.†† If we can crack this nut, it will be a national level thing.


Christian:††††††††† Distribution of the handout on web site redesign.We are planning a Spring Semester roll out.Weíve decided to step back and not just put up CIT and MU main page. ††This is a test server.The username and password given on this handout will be good until November 10.There are still a lot of dead links during testing.We will be using the feedback from other areas.


Roll out will be as follows:

Phase I Ė beginning of Spring Semester.Departments include Admissions & Enrollment Management, Career Services, College of Education & Human Services, College of Fine Arts, College of Science, Community & Technical College, Communications/Presidentís Office, Human Resources, IT (although Library will come in Phase II) and Journalism and Mass Communications.

Phase II - before end of Spring Semester. College of Liberal Arts, Faculty Senate, and Libraries (may come under Phase I, but it would be a challenge).

Phase III will be before the Fall of 2003 and will include everyone else.


We are unsure if the Regional Campuses will come under Phase II or Phase I.They donít have a web overseer.I donít think they will come under Phase II, however, Justin Moran is at MOVC and that will facilitate the efforts.


The Resource 25 Web Viewer will become the university master calendar as of January 1.We need to get Matt's people together with the Resource 25 database people to iron out any details.


There are a number of items EPOC will present to the ITC at the December meeting, such as: (1)There are some web overseer policies we have to revisit.(2)We need to discuss how we handle machines that appear outside the firewall.(3)Template uses for top-level sites.


We are also going to be looking at web site publishing and changing the way departments publish to the website.We will be setting up a staging server so that you donít actually publish to the Marshall website, but rather to a staging server and at certain times of the day, a script runs that copies that information over to the web site.This method really nails down security, no one can actually write to the server.The only down side is that it is not immediate publishing to the web site.


We will be putting E-Voter on the system.The president has agreed to pay for the software from the University of South Florida, primarily because the student government was looking for way to handle campus voting.The product was requested by the faculty senate office.The software totally interfaces with banner and no one will be able to vote more than once.Classified staff/non-classified staff will also be using E-Voter.


Winters:††††††††††† Research and Creativity Council wants a faculty/staff database.Per Jan:They are to use the Community of Science if they want a database.The Community of Science database can be narrowed for information on Marshall faculty only.The Faculty Senate database will be used only for internal use for extracting information for reports.The main problem with this database is that it is voluntarily.


††††††††††††††††††††††††† We have installed Apache server software for MILES.It has been tested in Gateway and seems to have solved the problems.


We are working with a company to obtain a Union list of Serials.Traditionally, holdings information was difficult to get.WVLA is promoting this product as a possible solution.


While at WVLA we met with a software company that does cross database searches.It will essentially enable us to turn our 500,000 volumes into 3 million.The problem will be coming up with a courier service.The system will be for public, K-12, and academic libraries.Frances OíBrien of WVU, has agreed that we should have a joint approval plan to guarantee we are not buying the same marginal materials in public and academic libraries.



Johnson:††††††††† Instructional television:We have exhausted all of our options with Southern and we still have drop outs.We are able to cope with what we have, but we can't fix this problem.We will work with WVNet and Southern as much as we can, but we canít fix this problem.We are using the lowest bandwidth we can operate on for a decent class.We have ruled time out issues.We can sustain multiple, several hour-long conferences with sites without dropout.††


There are a couple of equipment issues that have interfered with classes in the Science Building.We had a Codec problem that we will be able to swap out.


The thing we are looking at now is the sites at MOVC and the Mining Academy, and the outlying sites that we need to do some renovation on.Will James will look at design ideas for those spaces.


Combs:†††††††††††††† The National Guard ATM network originated from the Byrd building downtown.They have just gone under new management and are outsourcing the site that will make using that site cost prohibitive for me to use it.We were originating in South Charleston at Coonskin and downtown here at the Byrd Building going to Fairmont, Martinsburg, and Parkersburg.The new management wants to charge for use of the facility, so I will look at that issue.††


I attended a meeting this week with Ed Gross and others and there seems to be gaining momentum for Teays Valley Center.The election next week will determine a lot of matters concerning long term leases and financial issues.We are hoping to investigate what may be the shell for the purchase of a building at either the Development Authority itself or the Putnam Building Commission.


Miller:††††††††††††† It appears that all of the fiber projects are finally completed.We now have the fiber to the parking garage and to ATI, also from the campus to the Child Development Center through a run through Cabell Hall and to Cabell Huntington Hospital.We also finished the fiber to RCBI.The only remaining outlier would be MURC.Our biggest question is whether we want to continue with wireless to RCBI or put in fiber.


I want to share a quick list from the Educause conference of the Top 10 issues for all other schools represented at Educause starting at the top (1) Administrative Systems and Enterprise Planning which is the whole Banner topic;(2) IT funding strategies, (3) Faculty development support and training (4) IT Strategic Planning (5) Security Management; (6) Online student services; (7) Teaching and learning strategies; (8) Distance Education; (9) Maintaining Network Infrastructure; (10) Emerging network technologies.


I'm told we will be putting a new version of pipeline up over Christmas break.The change should not be noticeable to the user.


The inventory of campus machines has been delayed and we are really struggling with it.It should be rolling out bills for the network and the Microsoft campus licenses by mid November.


Just as an FYI -The ATI is negotiating to get into the project for statewide 911.They are attempting to garner a contract to be a central repository for the 911 information.The net effect is that they are going to fly the entire state and do a wealth of low level, high resolution information of the whole state, have that digitized and that would then become available and they would go through and put the names and addresses of cities within the area covered by 911 in individual counties.Itís something that will be a high profile sort of thing.The net effect would be that each of 55 county 911 databases would extract their data from this central database.They are discussing weather or not they want to get into this. This is not real public knowledge at this time, but it will affect us if they decide to contract with us to manage their system.


Regarding Drinko Policies Ė The library will begin physically posting policies regarding quiet areas within the library.We will want to integrate information about where the wireless zones are located so there wonít be numerous signs posted everywhere.


Combs:†††††††††††† The School of Extended education is now a CLEP administrator for computer based testing. ††Testing will be in the Integrated Science and Technology lab on the second floor of Prichard Hall.I have to purchase some battery powered backups which are a requirement.I am submitting an application to Danteís because we can now run tests on this system.We plan to get the word out to campus regarding availability of testing.


Fox:††††††††††††††††† We also need to broadly post our rate schedule for MCU.Thereís all kinds of people who would pay us for our MCU access and will help fund the maintenance of that machine.††


Johnson:††††††††††† We all know that the network itself will change over time.I question what should actually go into a specific policy other than that paragraph.The rate schedule is on the web now.††What actually needs to be forwarded on to Purchasing is the last paragraph.







Fox:†††††††††††††††† In the last paragraph, we need modification to the verbiage.The verbiage in the front description can change depending on technology and depending on time.Allenís changes to the description part include a revision to the purchasing policy.There is no representation on this committee from finance for purchasing.We request that both a component of this Telecommunication Authorization Policy and that one piece for Teleconferencing will back to Purchasing for inclusion in their policies.


Allen also wants to include h.321 the description there and make some statement about the fact that ITVS is providing MCU for transcoding these different types of connectivity.


Vote today is on the last paragraph, Proposed Policy.Only change is to add a comma at the end of the first line after the word division.Voted and approved.


Formal vote on Telecommunication Authorization Policy will be held until the next meeting.†† Amended copy of the Policy is distributed for review; particularly the paragraph concerning cell phones.



Arnold Miller:†††††††††††

The run-on sentence on the second page inside the paragraph that begins ďthis policy governs cost accounting standardsÖĒ needs to be corrected by placing a period after Ďagoí and beginning a new sentence with ĎThis.톆We will hold this one for vote for next time.



Jan Fox:††††††††††††††††††††††

Since Mike McCarthy is not here, I have distributed the paragraph change by Mike.This will be considered the second reading today.Before any vote is made, I want Mike McCarthy here.Mikeís concern was in clarifying the e-mail policy to make sure everyone knows what can and cannot be put in e-mail.This paragraph is different from what was printed in your agenda.This is not just a med school issue; it applies to any area that deals with clinical information.Frances requests clarification of the penalties for e-mail abuse.She also requests a clearer definition of junk mail and personal business.Jan will go back and review the original policy for a clarification of the ramifications and keep it clean to the HEPA issue.This will be considered the first reading and held for vote next time.



Allen Taylor:†††††††††††

IT Strat:2 working groups -Core Competency Group has been major having major dialog throughout the summer, some people are divided on the issue.There are representatives on the committee that feel those core competencies are useless.Others feel that if we donít do something soon, we will be falling way behind.But is has become obvious that the graduating students don't have the competencies for publishing electronic dissertations.The IT staff has had to train graduates to publish dissertations, and we donít have time to spare.There have been examples of administrators that donít know how to use a spreadsheet.There is not a set of targeted goals that the competencies would hope to address for administrators and students.This group is trying to define how this group should play.A Faculty Senate Committee is already working on defining competencies.†† Per Frances Ė the faculty committee has already defined core competencies for students.I donít know where that went, but I told Mike McCarthy that that work had already been done by a faculty committee. It was a part of the Marshall Plan for computer competency.The Plan needs to be found and reviewed.Certain skill sets need to be included in hiring procedures.


The second working group is the Client Workstation Software Group.They have been very active and have a draft document that we had first reading at yesterday ITStrat Meeting.They have been surveying all campus departments, and have gotten lots of feedback from some departments and no feedback from others.They have a revised list that we are now pricing to see if we can get this into the budget.As Arnold indicated, we should be able to identify in November how many machines we actually have and identify what revenue will be available this year.We have asked the group to re-look the software currently on the Agreement and also at other software products that may be added or removed from fee in future years.


The Budget Reduction Task Force asked Jan to respond to an article published in the Chronicle entitled 10 ways Colleges Can Cut IT Costs.We are have already been doing all of these items for several years.One item that came up was the implementation for Energy Star activation for computers on campus.We can't charge back for electricity, and therefore there is waste.The committee did not address this issue, but we need to.I could only find one campus that has done a study on this and that was Colorado State.When taking their model and applying to us, the early indications are that the power savings by activating Energy Star compliance on desktop PCs on campus could be as much as $40,000 or $50,000 annually in electricity.That money does not come back to the department.There is also impact on the student in that they may have to move the mouse or power up when they sit down at a computer.††The compliance on monitors on the standard faculty staff image is already active.We are going to form a working group for implementation.


I would like to point out three major concerns for this committee in light of budget cuts.Of the 26 items that were on the Strategic Planning document that ITStrat produced and presented to Dr. Angel, only three of them remain totally not addressed.All three of these items are things that ITStrat felt needed to be addressed immediately.They are as follows:


Item No. 1:Upgrading of major campus horizontal wiring infrastructure.It has gone through as a Capital Request.Dr. Gross has included it in part of the ††capital money.The HEPC and the Chancellor have been looking at the refinancing and redistribution of the costs of capital money.If we do not get busy on this we are going to fall so far behind our peers that it will be a major problem.It is a major part of what made us drop in national ranking based on infrastructure.


Item No. 6:††††† The Technology Enhanced Classroom Initiative. WVU has wired all classrooms over last 4 years.They have actively deployed and rewired the buildings and have also done the horizontal wiring.We have not done and it is beginning to impact our use of technologies.We are wasting money in many departments because weíre not consistently buying projectors, we donít have classes able to use the technology.A proposal to Sarah last year, it was on her capital requests.IT Strat will create working group to refine project further.If it were funded today, Iím not real sure weíre ready to say how to prioritize it.


Item No. 3. has been addressed in Academic Affairs but not in other areas like the Community College or MUGC.This is a defined budget for a lifecycle replacement plan for faculty desktops. Sarah has tried to address that numerous years, and some years is it funded and some years it isnít.Finance needs to realize that this needs to be addressed.


Jan requests that Allen put this together as a formal proposal to this group for the next meeting.


We are currently reviewing Formal Strategic Action Plan.It was done in 1999 or early 2000.†† We need to update projects section.We are participating in a survey by Campus Computing Survey that is promoted by Educause.Every member of IT Strat has been asked to look at all areas of the survey in terms of how students are doing in comparison to the survey.The Chancellor is trying to challenge the LOCEA peer comparison.We will start with the less conflicted peers from LOCEA.


We will try to obtain a copy of the Gartner peer comparison by the end of the year.


This week I am working on a document that is due in the Governors Office of Technology this week, a planning document for a state wide plan.Through the work we had done, the plan is the most complete of any other state agency or school.I have asked the ITSP group to submit formal things on that.


I am also working on completing the Journalism self study.


ITStrat will be reviewing what we get back and include that information in our Strategic Plan.