November 1, 2001

9:30 AM TO 11:00 AM


Attendance:  Gary Anderson,  Jasper Black, Michael Castellani, Don Combs, Jan Fox, Tom Hankins,     

                      Dennis Prisk, Gary Weis


Guest:  Frances Hensley for Sarah Denman


Minutes:  Approved


Jan Fox:  Karen McComas will become a member of the committee.


Copyright  problems are becoming a huge issue. The state network and bandwidth problems are getting worse.  We are paying $120,000.00 in new money for internet traffic.  The more we use the more we pay and it is becoming a real budget issue.  We are looking at possible new financial structures as our telecommunications costs outpace revenues.


Verizon overcharges then returns the money to the state in the form of grants.  One million of the 1.7 million annually will be spent for education.


Chancellor Mullen presented that every state institution will need to double enrollment while dealing with an aging population and out-of-state universities offering in-state tuition to West Virginia residents.  Ohio University Branch in Proctorville, Ohio is one example.  Double enrollment will also mean additional bandwidth problems and more competition with WVU for needed dollars.  These problems extend beyond our campus.


David Johnson:  Very favorable response to Educause and their K-12 program.


Classroom  updates will be done over Thanksgiving break.


A plan is being developed to tie Marshall and the June Harless Center in Wayne County concerning the Performance Arts Center and Arts on Wheels.  This also includes more distance learning and virtual field trips.


Gary  Anderson:  The Math Department is working on additional  e-courses. Susan Powers, Carolyn Perkins and Lloyd Charles  have courses available and are working on new ones. Hopefully, this may help address problems concerning low math scores on SAT exams in our area.


Copyright Update:  Margaret Shaw, the current expert at Cornell University will present copyright violations and issues in January.


Client Software Change:  Motion for Jan to go to Herb Karlett and ask for a $60.00 per machine fee to come from a central pot & do a stop gap for this year. The committee recommends that this fee is to be handled centrally by the university. It was seconded by Dr. Gary Anderson. Motion was approved.


Data Standards and Definitions:  The state coding committee is progressing.  We need to finalize the project and automate catalog process.  Banner and WebCT will need an additional field and proper coding.