Information Technology Committee

October 20, 2000



Present:  Gary Anderson, Sarah Denman, Tom Hanks, Karen McComas, Dennis Prisk, Allen Taylor, Herb Tesser, Barbara Winters.


Allen Taylor chaired the meeting for Jan Fox.    There was no agenda but a continuation of last month’s meeting.


Allen said the Microsoft Office Agreement is still in the Attorney Generals office for signing.  Even if the technology shifts in 2 or 3 years and the Microsoft Agreement is not a good idea or not available, we still have to migrate software that we put on workstations and provide some method of the common good.  The Help desk deals with different versions of software.  Certainly would be a big help to them if everyone ran the same software.


Discussion continued.


Herb Tesser sent e-mail of questions to Allen Taylor, which was distributed to the group in which Allen responded to each question.


Sarah said we need accurate data.  What software departments and colleges have purchased.  See where our needs and priorities are.  What are the big needs that we have?  We don’t want to keep doing everything on the backs of students and continue to raise the Library/Computing fee.  Are those needs equipment, training, etc.?  Then go back and see what you have left to get a reasonable increase in the technology fee.


Sarah suggested that Allen and Jan meet with Layton to answer some of his concerns from last meeting. 


Promotion and Tenure:  Herb suggested we look more into this before we vote.  Gary said the committee’s feeling was you should consider the quality of the scholarship not by the mechanism by which it was delivered.  Herb and Gary will meet and amend for next meeting.


Computer Upgrades:


Allen addressed the committee regarding the campus-wide upgrade to Windows 2000.  July 1, 2001 is the implementation date when the re-imaging and installation of Windows 2000 and Office 2000 will begin.


Close to 185 faculty computers do not currently meet the specifications necessary to move to the new Windows 2000 environment. 


Over 1,000 students in the residence halls have their own computers that will also have to be addressed.


Sarah requested Allen complete an inventory of the deans’ offices and chairperson’ office including staff to determine their needs as well.


Allen said there is a growing demand for new classrooms and labs.  With 185 faculty need replacement this year, only 24 funded.  Also large number of new faculty this year.


Only 15% of classrooms are connected to our network.  This does not include off campus sites.


Schedule 25: Sarah said that Schedule 25 would be tested during the summer schedule.


Sarah and Allen will draft fee increase for equipment.


Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting will be December 1st.