ITC Meeting



Present:††††††††††† Jan Fox, Allen Taylor, Arnold Miller, Mike McCarthy, Frances Hensley, Don Combs, Dennis Anderson, Tom Hankins, Gary Anderson, Jingping Zhang, Dominique Elmore, Donna Spindel, Layton Cottrill, David Johnson


Review of Minutes: ††††† Correction to Minutes change of Dennisí name.†† May, 2006 minutes approved as amended.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† Updates:†††††††††† My main concern this semester is with security.


Since the last meeting in May, we had the State IT Conference.The state is changing their infrastructure which may or may not impact higher education.There will be issues with the state network and whether WVNet will exist or not.

One of the big controversies we have been dealing is with shared facility costs.We have been receiving 20% plus overhead on all of our Telecom Wide Area Network costs ($9,000/month) that we had not seen before; that is unjustified.We are trying to this issue get resolved and Allen is working to make changes.This is an enormous issue; as we would grow bandwidth, the cost would eat us up.Allen and Arnold have been working on an RFP for an alternative network source that will give us more flexibility.That network may or may not have Internet II capability.We have a meeting next week with RTI concerning who will pay for Internet II.I also met with Paul Hill and Howard Aulick a couple weeks ago to see if there is enough desire and financial support to progress with Internet II.The problem isnít just the cost of being a member of Internet II; it is the cost of sustaining bandwidth which is a substantial cost.Internet II will be changing in next 13 months and part of that will be a commodity internet so bandwidth will not be wasted.



Taylor:††††††††††††† The company that we have our audio/visual contract with, Seneca Communications, has gone into receivership.I met with the state CTO a couple of weeks ago and he was unaware of the vendorís status.The Bio Tech building is 95% complete.Seneca is also the primary vendor for the TECI project.They also provided support for TECI rooms.Seneca also had contracts with other areas of campus.

We have a number of other sourcing options.Dell has also gotten into the support business.We are currently reevaluating our needs and are looking at a new AV contract bid to support rooms.

The faculty has been very pleased with these rooms and we have 5 departments wanting to update rooms.However, if we donít get approval for a new position, we are not going to be able to support the rooms if more are added.TECI classrooms would require $1.2 million dollars a year, every year in recurring funding to maintain all classrooms with TECI updates.We are so far behind our peers in this area.These rooms are separate from the Distance Learning Classrooms.


We have a best and final bid going out to 5 vendors for Metro Ethernet services.The big pipe is part of our Disaster Recovery Plan from here to MUGC.We have evaluated vendors and all can supply some services.The best and final offers should be lower.MOVC was a concern, but we think the best and final offer will be more standard in price.This could be in place by December.


The state CTO is bidding a MPLS network (multi-protocol layered switching) a network that is very common in other states.The bid is being reviewed and will go out before end of calendar year.


We have gotten the iTunes hosting agreement complete.It will allow podcasts and multimedia.Per Jan:in addition to lectures it will allow us to send out the State of the University address, other campus speakers, and university updates, etc on iPods and cell phones so that students have more options for getting coursework and university messages.

This may be a policy issue we will have to deal with at a later date.


Layton approved a contract for the pilot for outsourcing student email.This may be a larger storage option for students with Microsoft Live Mail by this Fall.



Johnson:†††††††††† We just concluded a database health check for WebCT Vista.There were a few issues on the report that we are looking at now.Once we resolve those issues, we will begin testing the Vista 4 environment.


This is our last year with our agreement with HEPC in which where they paid for software and we paid $26,500 a year.After this year we will be responsible for software costs.

Now that Blackboard has taken over WebCT we will have to wait to see what changes they make.


Weíve been working with WebCT for over a year to develop an online faculty development component that answers the need for online training for faculty.We want it to be more than an online tutorial but will be a development training tool taught by faculty members from other institutions.We will be starting our faculty success initiative; a 3 week course online, the facilitator will be Kevin Reed from Utah State.There will be two other faculty trainers.

This will be a train the trainer type activity so after the training, the content will be ours.This is the first model of its kind and it is the model that WebCT wants to promote.We plan to take the results of this to the Blackboard World Conference and giving a presentation on our success or failures.



Miller:†††††††††††††† Over the summer, we tried to get away from the old operating system.We moved Banner from VMS to a Linux platform a couple of years ago.The email routing platform was moved onto the Linux platform over the summer.It caused some pain as we moved some of the mailboxes.Most Outlook users didnít see the changes.Only those not on the Exchange platform were affected variously.People who were used to getting mail through other sources like Outlook Express, and Netscape that use pop protocol had to point service to another name. We also had to reset some passwords.

This platform is more supportable and expandable.


myMU was again upgraded in late summer.Users should see new features, content, the look and feel; we jazzed it up a little bit.We are working now to develop some of the background to allow more use of the tabs.It is noted that some members of this committee do not like the new look.


The semester start up went smoothly.We are seeing 90% of students in residence halls have their own computers and over 90% of those are notebooks.


The state financial audit was conducted during semester start up.We are audited as part of the financial audit.We do no have the results as yet.They found some concerns with passwords and lack of forced changes.Their largest concern is that we donít have a good system in place for getting someone off the system when they leave the university.We have to come up with some procedures for changing an employeeís status.

Per Jan:the EPF would have to be fully functional in order to automate the procedure.



Elmore:†††††††††††† We have heard issues with vanity emails noted with SGA staff.SGA is instructed to tell students to contact the Help Desk.



Zhang:††††††††††††† We provided surveys on new system at the beginning of semester and have received all positive feedback from all surveys.

Also added new e-books.

We migrated periodicals to MU journals which is a commercial system. It is more accurate and is updated more frequently.



Spindel:††††††††††† The online courses are doing well with 120 sessions and over 4000 students for Fall.

The College in the High schools program is showing a lot of interest that may increase our numbers in Spring.




Securty Team Flow Chart



Fox:†††††††††††††††† The things that continually eat up my time and that of the staff are security concerns.This is a national trend.I want to propose some type of team to deal with security issues.I want the team to know how to deal with security problems in a professional manner.Look at draft for first review.See if we need to make any changes.I would like to have comments by the next meeting so we can get a final.


Illegal Music/Video Downloads


We are trying to decide what methodologies we should use to explain to students the issues of illegal downloads.What we have seen from institutions that are supporting legal sites is that they still show no change in illegal downloads.Nationally, the music industry has been on vengeance. The problems have been increasing dramatically.Jon Cutler is getting 8-10 notifications daily.Our liability is the issue here.



Cottrill:†††††††††††† We need to look at the type of education are we providing regarding illegal downloads.I want to make sure students have been warned sufficiently before adjudicating.We need a procedure for first, second, and third offenses.This is an institutional liability.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† We may need some type video for students to watch as part of getting their account access at the university.SGA also needs to begin getting the information out there.



Taylor††††††††††††† Although we have a method of tracing violations to students, there is no punishment in place.We have no way to track repeated offenders.




Fox:†††††††††††††††† My biggest concern is that we have something in place for external issues.We have no control over what information outside entities collect on our students, staff and faculty.For instance, the Connect II project actually collects student SSNs.We need to make sure that any information on an employee is protected.We donít know where all the data is, but we need to make sure we have strict guidelines to prevent identity theft.


I have given you some templates from Cornell University.They are the leading institution for policies.We need to look at these and decide what policies we need to make.


Everyone is responsible for their area.If there are policies that are needed in your area, please bring them to the group.Also, please remember to take the information we cover here back to your area.