Information Technology Committee Meeting


September 1, 2000


John Deaver Drinko Library 426 and PolyCom MUGC 202


Attendance: Terri Byrd, Don Combs, Layton Cottrill, Sarah Denman, Jan I. Fox, Tom Hankins, Karen McComas, Dennis Prisk, Herb Tesser, Gary Weis, and Barbara Winters


Minutes: The minutes were approved.


Updates: Jan introduced Barbara Winters, Dean of University Libraries (voting member) as a member of Information Technology Committee who will set on the committee for policy issues. Also introduced Herb Tesser who will be faculty senate representative. Underwood will be  at Marshall September 26th. Marshall University will be one of the locations of a statewide meeting called After Coal. This will be a big promotion; WPBY will have like a town hall meeting. Senator John D. Rockefeller will be at Marshall the third week in October (this is confidential) for an economical technology forum. Marshall will be the first institution, as we see how to change economy by using technology.


WVNet Policy Board: We have received a letter from the chancellor regarding MU charge back for a resource we are not using. We will have to pay half the amount previously determined, which means we must pay $43,000 this year and $43,000 next year. This is a compromise, as opposed to $86,000. Other issues that are happening in the state: Governors office of Technology September 26th and 27th are having IT conference. There will be a Marshall table. Marshall will also have a table October 3rd and 4th for Digital Divide Conference. Please feel free to contribute. WVNET dial-up has changed; this has caused many help desk calls.


Electronic Scholarship Policy:  There was a discussion regarding electronic courses.  It was agreed to table the vote to the next meeting, after the committee has had time to evaluate the materials distributed.


Banner Update: Terri Byrd gave a technical update of Banner.  She reported that the beginning of the year went well. We have created about 600 more users than we had last year. The machine seems to be keeping up very well. There will be some minor up grades. We have received software Milo Voice, which will take some time to install. We are working on being able to make payments electronically, but now we cannot take payments electronically. There are many concerns related to security issues.


Information Privacy: There is an issue regarding privacy.  Any data going to any external agency must go though Institutional Research as a clearance to make sure all the checks and balances have been considered. There is in place already a review for Human Subjects Research.  We need a campus wide policy.  Before the next meeting, we hope to have a draft related to these issues.  There are questions related to different facets such as students, employees, vendors, etc.  There needs to be policies and procedures for electronic delivery, maybe to have some sort of audit system.  It appears there is pressure for those who are requesting to use classroom for large blocks of time.  We need to check demands and see how we can accommodate everybody.