DRAFT ITC Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2005


Present:††††††††††† Jan Fox, Carol Perry, Arnold Miller, Dennis Prisk, Tom Hankins, Michael Misiti, Sarah Denman, Frances Hensley, David Johnson, Karen McComas, Monica Brooks


Jan Fox:†††††††††† Updates.We just finished the State IT Conference.There were some wonderful presentations from South Charleston faculty.The K12 community was really engaged in existing and possible new HE/K12 projects.Last week at the monthly State ITC meeting, Kyle Shaffer, the new CTO made a comment about reorganizing whatís now called Information Services.The Governorís Office of Technology is now the Office of Technology and reports to the Secretary of Administration.†† Kyle will be opening up 4-6 new positions across the board.The concern for us will be that those positions will be from $56,000 - $96,000 per year. They will be going after the Higher Ed market to fill positions.The other piece mentioned in the meeting was this reorganization could also include higher education and K-12.It is unlikely that Higher Education would be included, though WVNET maybe a possibility.That brought up concerns at the WVNET Policy Board meeting.At this point, I would expect that WVNET is not going to be part of the Special Legislative Session in September.There still is also a battle over the property that WVNET is sitting on and WVU claim to ownership.


The other legislation that is going to happen is Verizon has asked that higher education be exempt from SB 700 for the telephone bills because they have had so many problems getting paid.We would also receive bills electronically rather than paper bills that come in boxes.


We are member of the WV Global Grid Exchange for the state which is the largest grid network in the world.We didnít want to publicize until we felt like that there were no problems with the network.We did submit it to all the researchers we are working with. We do have some researchers using the Grid Network and we are the second largest contributor of nodes to the network.We need to do some PR once the MOU is signed by the state CTO.



Misiti:†††††††††††††† Starting the first or second week of school, the library will be open until 1:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.

We have asked for changes with group roomsí policy.Students can no longer use group rooms as their personal office.Per Jan: We plan to populate single rooms with computers so any single person would be moved from a group room to a single room.



Miller:†††††††††††††† We will need to bring to you the changes we are going to make to the collaboration team room policy.We are trying to come up with a way for groups to displace single people in group rooms.Donít know how we are going to make it happen at this point.Mike is concerned with the ad hoc groups that come in and the rooms are taken by a single person.I suggested that we should change signage on the rooms to make it clear that these rooms are for groups.Frances suggests that a time limit be imposed on the single room.

Sarah suggests that student government toss around ideas on how to do this.



Miller:†††††††††††††† We will try to put something together for the next meeting to modify this policy.


I think most of you know that Jody Perry has left us.We feel comfortable that we have a handle on the lab set up for the fall semester.Right now Gary Hall has taken over the responsibilities for the labs.Justin Holmes is also taking care of a lot of the duties.We plan to start interviews next week for Jodyís position


Banner seems to be in good shape and we donít anticipate any problems for start-up.



McComas:†††††† Over the summer I was involved in a writing project that was a 3 week session and met every afternoon in a computer lab that was a result of a Grant from the National Writing Project. There were 16 local teachers involved.This summer group was a pilot group for the program we will be offering to the public schools in the spring.We may offer some of them here.

The National experience was wonderful and it involved teachers from all over the country.This was our third time hosting this program.There was a lot of interesting work, experimenting with WIKIís and pod casting.It was an excellent networking opportunity. ††Sarah expressed appreciation for the opportunity to discuss K-12ís method of addressing the issue of plagiarism and punishments and education about plagiarism, citing sources, paraphrasing, etc.Students in the schools are not being educated.



Brooks:††††††††††† The Public Library Technology Workshop was held this summer.Carol Perry helped me coordinate that.It was very successful because we got people excited about developing courses for the major.We also added a new adjunct faculty member.


The Library is suffering through the migration to III.We plan to be on schedule for a January roll-out.We plan to keep MILES name.

Students should see the difference automatically because it will look more like Amazon.com.


We just installed a new art exhibit with the Allied Artists of West Virginia.There are about 100 items hanging in the library now.We will have a reception in October.†† The Huntington museum helped us get this artist group in here.


We lost Judith Arnold, but we will now hire 2 extra help employees to cover UNI 101 classes and the other responsibilities that we have in the fall and spring.We also have two new graduate assistants.

Reference already has about 200 UNI courses scheduled.


They completed the UNI 101 online module and it is really great.Jennifer is working Michelle Duncan to get more classes to utilize the online.


There is a how to avoid plagiarism video on our Help Central page along with several videos that students can use.We are discovering that students from all over the country are using the site.


Special collections will be closed next week for the move.They should be fully operational on Monday the 22nd.


We are still on track to roll out the new interlibrary loan system in January called PALCI.


We will hopefully be the first institution in state to sign on with GOOGLE to generate the Google scholar interface on our website.



Johnson:†††††††††† We had our NCA Online Degree accreditation visit and it went well.The two folks that came in had a tight agenda.The draft they had written was very positive.There were a couple of standard recommendations for budget and support.


Right now we are pending on blanket accreditation.CTC has to go through that visit separately.The visit will be in October.


The Instructional designer has accepted the offer for the position.He should start as soon as we get his Visa paperwork started.


Banner and WebCT, are putting up service pack 5 of Vista which allows us to do cross listing.Courses have to be coded in Banner for cross listing.We had hoped to have it running by the beginning of the semester, but we may not be able to get it up in time.


All courses will have a Vista section template created for each section; that is automatically happening.Students will be able to pull up through myMU to see course tools.

Donna Spindel will be sending out a message to the faculty to let them know it is ready and available for them to use beginning this semester.

There will an announcement on myMU to let students know that all faculty members may not be using VISTA.



Denman:†††††††††† We are trying to address purchasing new computers.We purchased a number of computers at the end of the year last.We purchased MACs for Fine Arts and Journalism.

We are working with Allen for systematic replacement of faculty computers.

We have to come up with a disposal policy.SB 603 says we can dispose of machines, cell phones, palm pilots, etc. to non-profits but we have to prove that we have disposed of any data on the machine.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† There will be a press release on the web site for the SightsnSounds page.This will be a one stop shop for photos, press/video release, commercials, academic showcase, university facts and history and Huntington information.


Review of Minutes:Approved


Computer Rate Schedule



Miller:†††††††††††††† This is the same as we discussed at the June 20 meeting.I would like to add single item regarding hosting disaster recovery equipment for the State of West Virginia, charging a sq ft. rate for putting a piece of machinery on our floor.No technical support provided.Vote will include floor space addition

Voted and approved



Distributed Ed



Johnson:†††††††††† The only new charge is for webcasts.The cost is broken down in terms of size of production and crew size.Most of these are for external groups or for grants.Per Frances, the title appears that these charges will apply to internal groups as well as external.The schedule will be put into the same format as Arnoldís rate schedule.

Voted and approved


Note that the SLA policy will be submitted as an email vote.Not included in this agenda.



University Libraries Rate Schedule



Brooks:††††††††††† Most of these are coded into the interlibrary system.It will be put in the same format as other schedules


Special Collections was unprepared for international requests for WSAZ footage.Lisle has researched commercial rate schedules to come up with the rate schedule for Special Collections.


We had a discrepancy between Graduate College but that is because of the different mission of the two.

Voted and approved



Support Policies



Miller:†††††††††††††† We are trying to clarify a few things in the existing policy.We used to use the words limited support for software faculty for installing software into the image for their classes, it now called custom service.


We tried to change how we rank calls for support.


There were no changes fundamentally in terms of response time.


We have extended Help Desk hours to 1:00 A.M. now that the Study Center and the Library are open until 1:00 a.m.



2006 Customer Support Levels, Products, and Services



Miller:†††††††††††††† The Support Policy points to this document.We update this document every year to document what the Help Desk will be supporting.

The two documents are tied together


Voted and approved.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† There will be several policies that will have to address the use of home use computers.We are looking at putting forth stipends for cell phones.Also, you each have responsibilities for the areas you represent.Anything you think should be addressed as policy in your areas needs to be brought before this committee.The purpose of a policy is to be proactive enough to have things in place with detailed policies, procedures and guidelines so you donít have a problem.


††††††††††††††††††††††† It is agreed that the current scheduling for this meeting will be acceptable for the Fall semester.