AUGUST 3, 2001

9:30 AM TO 11:00 AM


Present:Gary Anderson, Don Combs, Dr. Jan I. Fox, Gary Weis, Barbara Winters

Invited Guests: David Gray, Frances Hensley, Ron Schelling, John Savory, Terry Tomblin-Byrd.


Minutes:No minutes were recorded from last meeting.Juanita had car problems.


Jan is back full-time from Special Assistant to the Governor for Information Technology.


Jan Fox:†† The corridor from Huntington to Charleston has been named the Hi-

Tech corridor.Governor Wise has made a big announcement about the stretch for attracting businesses, survey of existing buildings, wiring buildings between Huntington and Charleston.His big concern is to get it done to make it more appealing.To have an integrated database Ė who is doing what not only in the state but also with other grants as well.Example NSF Grant looking for grant partners.Governor has put forth 30% increase of expansion of our faculty in that database.


Paul Hill, Marshall Graduate is now head of WVEPSCoRE.


Every year the state has put forth IT Plans.These goals have changed.


Positive PR coming next month.A wonderful write up dealing with Gilbert students accessing resources will be coming out in several federal publications due to two school grants.


Don is part of the statewide coding committee in dealing with the E&T courses.


Don Combs:The Tís have not been coded.The coding was in conflict with what South Charleston was using.It showed that they were not getting credit for these courses.This is getting resolved on the back end and at the same time we are working with statewide coding of all institutions.Now have web page for MU to integrate all our classes.†† Gary Anderson and Don will go back and review recommendations on E-course policy.Really look at the issues.Need good guidelines.


Gary Weis:There is a product called Resource 25 for scheduling rooms on campus.It is now in production as far as facilities scheduling.Moving into fine arts, music, athletics and other areas too.Shows utilization of room.Still issues on Drink Library where Drinko has control of the rooms. A committee is needed to look at this issue.


John Savory:We have moved over to the new server.


Winters:Ready to teach incoming freshman.Taught 400 classes last year with over 6,000 students.Want everybody involved in teaching.I attended a meeting last week where we are trying to get more research resources into our state.We have a pilot project where we are sharing cost to access these Journals.Gives us access to additional 1,000 journals for an average of $6.00 per title.Net Library is a collection of over 6,000 on line books, full texed and fully searchable by author, subject, title or keywords.We hope to get more deals from EPSCoRE and grant money.This will give us access to many new journals.Have not been able to buy any new journals because of budget.Talked to Sarah and already she has put together faculty committee to look at the journals in their area.


Ron Schilling:A new condition appeared on a US Department of Justice grant this week that I have never seen where they asked the question if IT is involved in the grant.They are trying to coordinate IT efforts within our state technology.Need to let the state technology know of any federal grants so they can look at all federal grants coming in.Right now itís just a DLJ requirement but probably will become Federal grant.


Jan Fox:One of the things Iíve been dealing with is the state infrastructure dealing with ATM state network.Chancellor is now working with VA Tech, as it is almost identical to what we already have, but has another layer on top and if that would happen we would be part of Internet city.Chief Technology office sent out a request for information for looking at a whole infrastructure.Something major will happen this year.


Kinetic Park is moving right along and I have been working with the Mayorís Task Force.Mike Perry helped create and would be economic development potential.Chancellor new goals in getting 2,000 new jobs. www.kinetic-park.com


Basically all the satellite locations are still being added, video connections, ATM connections who can do what in the state.Need to integrate so if someone needs to know where he or she might go to get that information.††† Chancellor is asking each University to be part of the videoconference at every other meeting.Video must be able to talk to each other.


MuOline Ė You can search by area, institution, and level of study, delivering method, and academic term.There is real data in there.


David Gray:Beginning of May we purchased a collection of on-line books.This was a package deal of pre-selected titles where you basically take it or leave it.There are about 8,000 books and came out to roughly $1 per book.Strongest in Computer Science and Business Management.You have a 15-minute window.Can search with in the full text.We only have one copy to be checked on 24 hr. time period. Can download and take home.†† Already have 35 people with accounts.Havenít done a whole lot of promotion on it yet. Can copy a few pages and cut and past with limitations.Once out of date you are stuck with them and would need to repurchase new updated version.


Terri Tomblin-Byrd:New software called Pipeline is now available.The rollout of the new myMU Portal will begin Fall Term 2001.All you need is your username and password.You must use your domain name and 6 digit numbers for password.Once in you can integrate with several different services.


Jan Fox:†† The IT report is 100 pages PDF document listing 10 goals.This is strictly reference information.It is updated every year and we respond to those goals.


Two items we need to vote on today is the Copyright Policy and Web Oversight Policy.

Ron Schilling was given a formal request to oversee the Copyright Policy.


Ron Schilling:There is a correction on Page 3 under II ownership use, etc.Should be a letter A rather than letter C.Ron reviewed the policy with the committee.†† Jan said everyone should have read it.


Jan Fox:This is the first draft review before it goes to the committee.


Jan made a motion to accept draft ofCopyright Policy.Motion PASSED.


John Savory:This is on the general privacy statement and an overview of the type of information we collect.Want to make sure that people know that we are not directly trying to get personal information.Not their username, social security number, etc.It is their choice if they want to submit it.Cannot put a web survey out there.EPOC is official for overseeing the web site.


Jan made a motion to accept the Web Oversight Policy.Motion PASSED.


Next meeting will be Friday, September 7th.