Information Technology Committee Meeting

July 7, 2000

9:30 AM to 11:00 AM


Attendance:Gary Anderson, Don Combs, Layton Cottrill, Sarah Denman, Jan I. Fox, James Hooper.

Invited Guests: Jon Cutler, Rob Hartwell, Les Preece, Jim Stephens


Minutes:There were no minutes due to a failed tape recorder.


Updates:Faculty Senate approved the recommendation for the integration of the Library Policy Board into the existing Library Committee to be abolished and the appointment of the Dean of University Libraries (Voting member) and a representative from the Library Committee (ex-officio) as member of Information Technology Committee.Barbara Winters would be a representative of the committee and the other person would probably be Dr. Michael Castellani.


WVNet Policy Board:WVNET Policy Board now includes representation from K-12, Libraries, CTO's Office, Network Forum, etc. ††All WV bill we receive are based on charge back fro services.The CMOS system debt service would have been paid off this year without that upgrade.The upgrade was purchased with the full knowledge that both WVU and Marshall were diminishing their usage of the CMOS system.Marshall University has estimated nearly zero usage of the CMOS system for the 2000-2001-budget period. MU charge back for CMOS is $86,143 for WVNET Budget Proposal for 2000-2001.††† We have been told that we are to pay the charge back amount even though we will not be using the services.We got a nice supporting document from Bob Gillespie that supports our proposed timeline and usage of the CMOS system.


Personnel Issues: Bob Boag, Associate Director, Systems has left.We are in the process of rewriting that position.There is some security concerns, especially with the Medical School.


Brian Morganís position has been advertised.Advertising on the web at has produced a lot of interest.We also advertised with the Chronicle of Higher Education, Charleston Gazette and Daily Independent, Ashland, Ky.Looking at different strategies to look for people.


WebCT Administration position has also been advertised.


Good News:

Sarah said orientation this year was the best ever.She contributed that to Jan being on the committee.


Les Preece created a computer card ID for incoming students that will fit into their purse or wallet.


Quality checks are being done on two-way videos at all off campus sites.They will be going from room to room.


Telecommuting Policy:Jim had a lot of input from different committees. He has made the corrections.Jan made a recommendation to approve the policy.The committee approved the policy.It was recommended that the policy be put under the Human- Resources structure.Once approved anyone could use as a template.


Policy Page:We need a centralized place to store policies.Have provided three different ways.1) View of policies 2) browse by scope 3) search by key word.†† Need to get word out to different departments.Committee agreed a good idea to pursue.


Layton made a recommendation that Jan draft a memo and he will send out asking for all new and current policies.


University Calendar Recommendations:Sarah said people just donít use the campus calendar.†† There was discussion that it might be a good idea to have it go through facilities.At the Joseph M. Gillette Welcome Center have people trained to look at the calendar.Make Schedule 25, Kiosk and e-post office a part of that.†† The committee felt that a policy was not needed just guideline for using the Calendar.


Resource 25:New product and training has been done.Will be able to utilize 25 to 30% more space allocations with this product.


Reservation Policy for UCF Public Computing Lab Facilities:Under Short Term Requests first page take out first paragraph.Last paragraph on second page under Decision-making process put back in.


Layton made a motion to accept the policies as presented by Les Preece, and Jim Hooper second.Motion passed. Chief Academic Officer will make all final decisions.


Update: Microsoft Agreement:Allen has spent last two weeks on this and it looks like it will be signed today.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.


Our next meeting will be Friday, August 4th from 9:30 to 11:00 AM., Drinko Conference Room 426 and South Charleston 202 (PolyCom).