Information Technology CouncilMeeting



Present:††††††††††† Arnold Miller, Don Combs, David Johnson, Mike McCarthy, Matt Christian, Frances Hensley, Monica Brooks, Terri Tomblin-Byrd, Michael Misiti


Arnold Miller chair on behalf of Jan Fox


Review of Minutes from 4/8/05.Approved as amended



Miller:†††††††††††††† I have asked Terri Tomblin-Byrd to stop by to discuss the conversion of Banner onto the Linux platform.



Byrd:††††††††††††††† There was a successful migration of the Banner Administrative Information System from the VMS operating system platform to the Linux platform.We still have some residual issues; mostly affecting the back end technical people and the background batch jobs that are run every night.All of the critical pieces have been completed.Most of the issues we are dealing with are print queue clean ups.We also have moved from a weekly cold backup of our data base to hot back ups.Last Friday Banner did not go down and we did our first hot back up.

We are now running as close to a 24/7 shop as we can be.

Conversion should be business as usual but faster.I havenít heard any complaints yet.Frances has not heard any complaints either.



Miller:†††††††††††††† We will have less down time unless we are doing maintenance on the Banner system.This is a real feather in their cap for Terri and her group.Jon Cutler and his group have also provided invaluable assistance in this effort.We have to be one of the first institutions in the world to be running totally on this platform.There are up to 10 other institutions and we all made the change within the last month or so.Everyone seems to be having the same issues and same successes.This is a threshold for us to move to a platform that has a future.


Committee Updates:



Miller:†††††††††††††† Internet bandwidth was cut back by half for the summer.We havenít seen any demands for more bandwidth with the exception of raising bandwidth for the presidential announcement.


The phone system merger is still on for the July 4th weekend.There will be forthcoming announcements to remind everyone of the change.We will have a common dialing plan between the med school and the main campus.The only change will be the move to 5 digit dialing which may cause some initial headaches.Per Mike:the advantage to the medical school is the ability to report, as the source number of the med school, one central defined number for the medical departments rather than individual physiciansí phone numbers showing up on caller idís.Just remember the rule; you dial the last 5 digits of the phone number.


Jody Perry will be leaving his position as lab manager.We will be looking to replace him as soon as possible.We wish him well in his new position at Fairmont State.This will also serve as a heads-up that while this position remains open we will be filling in with other people to get labs up and running for next fall.



Brooks:††††††††††† We havenít received data files for migration to new software because we are negotiating a new price with the old company for extraction of data.Jingping is in contact with III to find out what they need for extraction.We will postpone training to August or September.We should be up and running in January.



Hensley:†††††††††† We are trying block scheduling this summer for orientation.We are building schedules for incoming freshmen so that they will be scheduled for courses together.Right now it is very labor intensive in the Deanís offices.The first day of orientation is Tuesday.It is a culture change for us to build blocks for scheduling, but it is going well so far.†† If the block doesnít work for a particular student, the student can adjust their schedules when they come to orientation.


We will have a North Central visit in July for our online degrees.That has been speeded up so we can get a visit and approval to offer online degrees.We feel really confident that we are in good shape for the Higher Learningís review and that approval will be forthcoming.

This is an area in which we have a solid foundation and we are excited for the visit.


Remember that orientation is our bread and butter and we need to make sure we all do anything we can to make the experience a good one for students and parents.



Misiti:†††††††††††††† I am dong the telephone directory for students and my deadline is today.The directory comes out in October and since the new dialing plan will be in effect in July, should the phone book reflect the 5 digits in the phone numbers?It is suggested that Michael meet with Arnold after this meeting to resolve the issue of how to list the phone numbers.


A representative from Ruckus has been contacting SGA.We did a trial run with Javey Vance and he did not see any reason to use this product.Per Arnold:because we act as an ISP for the institution we are excused of culpability for actions of students.From an institution perspective, we are working to make myMU the best product for students.



McCarthy:††††††† I have the online version of the HIPAA training for anyone wanting to take the training.


David:††††††††††††† The big news in Distributed Education is the NCA visit.

††††††††††††††††††††††† There are over 2000 students enrolled in e-courses this summer.

††††††††††††††††††††††† We anticipate that we will be up to 96 courses online in the fall.

††††††††††††††††††††††† We have 1700 students enrolled in e-couses for fall so far.


††††††††††††††††††††††† We are in the midst of a search for an Instructional Designer.



Combs:††††††††††† My main thing now is the computer classroom/lab in Logan.

We will be changing out the computers in the Library Resource Center in Gilbert in a few months.





Miller:†††††††††††††† All changes are in red type.

Most of the substantive changes begin on the second page.

A new item is the Surplus Computer Sale and processing involved for sanitizing computers before the sale.Income from any sale goes to recovering the cost of processing.We are willing to share the itemization and details of costs of recovery if anyone should want an accounting of these amounts.


In order to keep this process clean, we have to follow the same prodecure when a computer is moved from one department to another.We donít want files of one person left on a computer that is moved to another office in a department.We use the same sanitization and reformatting process for moving computers around the campus for a fee of $100.00 per.


Off campus Internet dial up service is going away. We will no longer be selling that as a service because WVNet will no longer be offering the service.We will be moving support for this back to WVNet.


CD/DVD duplicating service is a new service.We have purchased new equipment to provide this service.This fee is what we propose for small runs of duplicating service.


Server/Database services are the significant changes.This is for managing servers for other departments.The cost scale has changed to make it more rational.


Vote held until July meeting.





Johnson:†††††††††† The first area is the production rate schedule is for ITVS.This is the updated rate schedule for ITVS; we have always been a billing entity.Most of these charges have stayed the same; we just needed the updated schedule for the MOU.

Frances has an issue with the wording of videoconferencing for university related business.David will go through various categories to indicate new charges and individual areas that the charges would apply to.


Hosting is when we have an organization or entity that has online courses that are outside of our Banner system that require separate administration.A student taking the course could be outside our institution or it could be an institution such as Glenville where we are hosting their entire online presence.WVU, Fairmont and Marshall are the 3 institutions in the state that are hosting other institutions.Rates are established within the West Virginia Learning Network.We are currently hosting Glenville and Southern Community and Technical College.


We have made the offer to outside institutions that if they come to Marshall for training we would do it free of cost.If we go offsite to train, we have established a rate for training.


The Acclaim Grant, Merit Grant and the June Harless Center are the internal entities that fall under this schedule.


Vote tabled until July meeting.





Johnson:†††††††††† We came up with a direct cost based on the number of students in a section.

All we are asking is that if the department wants to provide a third party course (i.e. painters) we need to make sure a fee is included in cost to cover the actual costs incurred for the technology.

There is issue taken about the direct/indirect cost to be added to the fee charged for the course.


It is agreed that this matter needs further discussion offline and discussion with Herb Karlet, Don Combs and Frances Hensley.





Miller:†††††††††††††† There are no substantive changes in these two documents. I just tried to clarify the terminology in what we call various support.This is the same policy you see every year. We are just required to update them each year.


We will consider this the first reading of all of these policies.After I meet with Jan we will determine what policies warrant an e-mail vote and what matters can wait until next monthís meeting.