Marshall Information Technology Council Meeting

March 10th, 2006

Drinko Library Conference Room 426



Present:††††††††††† Dr. Jan I. Fox, David Johnson, Dr. Dennis Anderson, Michael Misiti, Karen McComas, Dr. Arnold Miller, Layton Cottrill, Tom Hankins, Carol Perry, Dr. Gary Anderson, Mike McCarthy, Herb Karlet, Dr. Donna Spindel. Dr. Sarah Denman, Monica Brooks


Jan:††††††††††††††††† We have had some major power issues in Drinko Library in the past two weeks.Last weekend the Machine Room got to over 130 and potentially did some damage to the equipment.That same evening the Telecom Room got to over 100.Last night, on the 5th floor equipment area, an air conditioner went out and evidently damaged our main UPS for this whole building.We made the decision to shut down the building and shut down all major system to prevent additional damage.If we had lost total power again last night it would have shut down machines in an erratic manner.We have gone seven years without major issues in this facility; but Iíve been out 8 or 9 times in the last 3 months with building issues.The concern is that, for instance when Telecom went down, that affects the medical side.All the medical clinics loose phone and billing service.


One of the new campus additions is the Future Student page on the Web Site.The site has been redesigned so the front will be a marketing piece and a team is working on the back side through myMU for the student information.The Future Student page is for designed for external marketing, internally we feed the students the information they need via MyMU.This front marketing piece is a total redesign and includes a lot of multimedia and is a growing site.We have also included video vignettes for different areas.It also has virtual tours.We will do the same for off campus sites.


Another piece is the Presidentís Strategic Vision web page and SharePoint Portal and includes full video pieces with the President.This showcases Strategic and the Signature Initiatives for the university.There are major pieces for both the University and for the student. If you are a member of one of the forums that the president has created, you have access to special areas inside SharePoint to use as work space.


Another thing we are working on is the NCA Accreditation Self-Study visit April 9-12.The public web site is off the main page. All of the chapters, as well as the whole text version are available.I encourage everyone to be familiar with these sites. The SharePoint internal site is available to all students and staff.This contains all the documents used for the study.


There are some other things in the state: SB 653 deals with technology.We have continually been told that higher education is exempt from this bill.


In August the State Technology Conference will happen in Charleston.I will be sending invitation to each of you to present at this conference.


Last week David, Allen and I spend the week at Purdue.We spent the whole day with their core technical group.They are very close to us with what they do and are almost identical from a WebCT/Vista perspective.They are doing some things we would like to do; a lot of pod casting, living learning space, Rec. center.What we did find interesting is that as an institution, they have less teaching rooms than we do.The size of their teaching classroom is 150 average, as opposed to ours at 150 or less.They have it down to an art and use it as one of the major financials on campus.The TLT conference was held.We were very proud of the presentation of Keith Beard from Psychology. He did a presentation on paranormal phenomena that was excellent. The biggest drawback to their structure is that they do not have a good scalable structure.


An alarming thing we learned is that the State of Indiana has mandated that if there is any person to person transfer of bird flu within the state; they will automatically shut down all state offices, including all higher education for 4 weeks regardless of where the outbreak occurs in the state.They are having major meetings about this; and the reason I bring it up, their strategy at Purdue is to continue running in an online format from home.Per Layton:This state is beginning a series of meetings that deal with the avian flu possibility.††We are in a precarious location due to the West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky proximity.Whatever happens in these other states affects us.

Jan:††††††††††††††††† Iím also going to be part of the Homeland Security thing that Rockefeller has later this month.I assume this will be discussed then also.


I have also been involved in the K12 content standards committee.They are very happy to have higher education involved.K12 plan is called 21st Century Skills.They are also working on a Technology Strategic Plan.


They want to change what they are doing because their testing scores do not meet the requirements of colleges.†† The meetings are very encouraging.I believe they are on the right track.Per Sarah:The problem is that students are scoring higher on state and local scores than they are on the national scores.One of our greatest challenges is as we get more and more demand to offer college courses for high school students, is how to admit a student with a score that isnít correlated to either the ACT or the SAT.We are looking at options, one of which may be the ACT plan in the 10th grade which all West Virginia students have to take.

Looking at those parameters itís really hard to look for a percentage.


Michael:†††††††††† We are still looking at outsourcing email.I still havenít talked to my counterpart at Ball state.

We just finished a Student Center Task Force, looking at possible changes to that building.One of the recommended changes was doing something with the basement in regards to adding computers down there for gaming and communication.A lot of our students are using the computers in this facility for gaming and communication.


Now that we are staying open till 1:00 a.m. we are not seeing the lines waiting in the Study Center.We will extend hours further during peak times such as end of semester and mid-terms and finals.


Students are really thrilled with the wireless hotspots in Corbly and the Science Building. Notices are posted in the buildings to indicate wireless hot spots.


Donna:†††††††††††† As part of the classroom technology initiative, we will continue to make more classrooms multimedia as well as wireless.


Michael:†††††††††† Steve Hensley just got back from a Greek leadership conference.They spent a lot of time talking about Face Book.One of the things they are adding is a high school side.I donít know how they allow you to have a high school account because it is connected to a .edu address.I can foresee a lot of problems that that could cause.††

We are also finding that employers are using Face Book to look at future employees.Per Layton: the NCAA is also looking at it as way to monitor athletesí code of conduct.


Mike:†††††††††††††† Planning continues for use of the Biotech Center as well as the Fairfield Building.We got information from the Biotech Center on the seating arrangement for the larger auditorium.


We are undertaking a project utilizing pod casting that we are calling ďwell castingĒ.The Center for Rural Health has done some personal wellness profile studies of adolescents at a couple of high schools in Southern West Virginia.I am working with a group of undergraduates to go through those results to identify the most pressing health and wellness issues.We are talking to PEIA about grant possibilities.

We are going to construct brief wellness messages, splice them in between popular songs and cast those out to some selected high school student starting in the fall and monitor BMI, blood glucose level, cholesterol, and exercise.This becomes a sound track by which these high school students will exercise.


Arnold:†††††††††††† The outsourcing of email is still something that may be a real option for us.Microsoft is continuing the development of that.Microsoft is moving in right direction.They are doing it free with no advertisement.If you havenít tried the Microsoft live beta stuff for the new version of messenger and new version of the email service, it is great stuff.It may be something that might work into our portfolio.


FYI:as part of the rewire project, and to help out the NCA group, we are doing a quick rewire of the student center which will allow us to blanket the east end of student center with wireless and wired ports.We may have the entire building done before the visit.


Sarah:†††††††††††† Inquiry re: audio in Student Center.The Student Center is responsible for the sound system and microphones in the Student Center.We have had instances where microphones did not work during recent events.


Arnold:†††††††††††† Regarding the problems with the building.It isnít the same thing every time.We are having HVAC problems, breakers that break for no reason, and are working with plant operations to try to devise more proactive things we can do.We are vulnerable to single points of failure in several areas.As we move more to 24x7x365 may have to look at some upgrades to wiring, HVAC, UPS, etc.We are going to have to get serious about looking at disaster prevention.


I was able to participate on the Emergency Plan.It is really going to help my planning for the Disaster Recovery Plan.The frame work is really starting to shape up for emergency planning.


There is a movement afoot to add new enrollment management software as a tack on in the front of Banner for recruitment work.This will hopefully be seamless to the end user.


The Foundation development area is looking at a change in their software suite and we have been working with them on that.


Dennis:†††††††††††† There are some unknowns about the merger with WebCT and Blackboard and that hybrid model that will come out in the next couple of years.We need to be informed about what do we do in the interim to maintain our system.


Carol: ††††††††††††† We are preparing for our NCA visit which is scheduled for November 5-7 2007.


Monica:††††††††††† Our night people handled the shut down last night very well.


We are getting ready for the accreditation visit for PsyD.


David:††††††††††††† I have only seen one nasty email about Vista being down last night.


On the 17th we are having a Summit to discuss online classes in the high schools.We have invited the District Administrators of RESAs I, II and III to discuss curriculum.We will be looking at what courses they want to have available in Summer and Fall.


The Benedum Foundation Grant is all but approved.I anticipate funding notification on the 14th.That will be another K12 outreach directed toward elementary.


Donna, myself, Matt, and Berlin are working with Elaine from the TLT group on a needs assessment on technology for our faculty.We have a proposal from the TLT group. (draft distributed) They are focusing on three areas:1) increasing the quality and effectiveness of the on-line and hybrid t-courses; 2) increase the variety and effectiveness of IT uses in courses with a traditional number of hours taught in the classroom; and 3) increase the numbers of e and t courses.

This is still fluid, we are looking for feedback.We are looking at surveying faculty and students and bringing them in for a focus study. We donít have any real baseline data for this institution in terms of technology needs assessment.We are looking at 8-10 days of work by the TLT group with one of their associate advisors and have them develop the instrument through Flashlight; bring them on campus for the focus groups and actually do interviews.There would be a series of surveys, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and focus groups.

Look this over and email me your suggestions.We are looking at it and the proposed costs.


Sarah has a request for packaging courses into an area of emphasis that a certain population wants.Because requests are coming externally from populations that are not able to come to campus, we want to package them for distance delivery.We are getting real resistance from the faculty because they keep quoting past histories and their problems with Distance classrooms.Do you do any evaluations with faculty members that have used distance classrooms? Do we have something to show where we are now?I need something to convince people to use the distance classrooms.


David: We are in a period right now where we are evaluating the next generation of technology.The two-way video classrooms that we have now are a step past previous technology in terms of what is happening on the internet. The classrooms themselves are not modernizing at the rate they should be modernizing.We doing a customer satisfaction effort right now with the help desk; we are going out to do surveys of all of the faculty we work with and all the people that we respond to from the help desk and blanket those that we consider our customers; that will gather some of that data.I have course evaluations that you can use now.We have always shied away from technology evaluations because many of the faculty are resistant to that.We are doing demos on Breeze to different departments.I also may want to present it to Deans group.


We have stopped going to distance facilities that we have had problems with in the past.We are now going to facilities where we have more control.There are two rooms slated in the Bio Tech building that are state of the art. I think we will see old rooms retiring and new rooms are going to be developed as these new rooms develop. We will see shift from old to new technologies.


Herb:††††††††††††††† We are really excited about the E-procurement program. The bad news is the cost.The cost is $195,000 implementation fee; $175,000 annual licensing fee for 5 years.Thatís $970,000 over 5 years.There is room for negotiation, but we are really disappointed that they have started at that level.They gave us some projections where we could save a million dollars a year in purchases, but their assumptions, they said are very conservative (I thought they were very liberal).We are going to go through everything to see if we can get the cost down. The software looks very positive.Jan will talk to people at East Tennessee and East Carolina that she can contact to see what the actual costs were.


Gary:††††††††††††††† I received several calls from people calling about power outage.The sad commentary is that students think the worst of us.We need to tell the help desk to tell the students that most of the faculty is going to be understanding when it is an institution wide issue.We need an announcement to e-course faculty about the system being down so we can be prepared to fend off complaints.Suggest a pop up window so faculty can go into courses to let people know whatís going on.

Students think we are not going to be reasonable in these matters, we need to let them know that technical problems on our end have some flexibility.


WebCT broke the problem they previously fixed for calculations.

Per David, there is a trouble ticket out.


Donna:†††††††††††† On-line enrollments this Spring are up over 50% over last Spring.


Email Retention Policy


Jan:††††††††††††††††† At the last meeting, we reviewed this policy and you were to take it to your constituents.I received no feedback, so I do not know how to progress.


If we approve this policy, the next step is to send it to the Board of Governors.


Dennis:†††††††††††† Move that we adopt this Email Retention and include 120 days for disconnect of INNACTIVE account after 120 days.




Michael:†††††††††† I would like Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to promise that incoming freshmen in UNI 101 are made aware of this policy and the deadlines for archiving emails and let them know that things will not be in their Inbox indefinitely.The Students have suggested semester plus 30 days.†††


Arnold:†††††††††† Microsoft has picked 180 days as their quota for inactivity.They have hard quota for content.We are talking about making sure the waste baskets get cleaned up. We are now talking about residual email older than a certain date, to assume the account is abandoned.I think we can accommodate dormant accounts that are taking up space and collecting space.


Sarah has agreed to include into UNI 101 courses as well as graduation notification.





Michael:†††††††††† Suggests notification that effective January 1, 2007 anything older than 180 days will be deleted from Inbox.

Voted and approved


Arnold:†††††††††††† I want to petition to make the policy effective today to I can go ahead and get rid of abandoned accounts.We will archive the accounts that have not been used.

We want to produce a best practices document for archiving.


Sarah:†††††††††††††† Motion that we approve the Policy with the effective date approved by Board of Governors with notification to students concerning the January 1, 2007 date.

Voted and approved.


Sarah makes a request that Arnold present the implementation guidelines at a future ITC meeting.


CALEA Issues


Arnold:†††††††††††† The CALEA law passed in 70s that basically gave the Department of Justice availability to tap phones.What they have effectively done after 9/11 is used the Patriot Act to redefine items in the CALEA act to extend the definition to include telephones as well as IP telephony and IP services.Unfortunately this affects our campus system based on the Patriot Act.We would have to make our network, by April of 2007, compliant with this.It could be expensive and extensive, depending on scope of the interpretation of the Law.This could mean total replacement of our network.

There are groups petitioning to stop it.It is bad enough that public providers are going to have to comply.Arguments are ongoing.


Jan will send paragraph of Patriot Act, CALEA and a few other things that could impact the institution to whom???.Mike will send out HIPPAto whom???.


Jan:††††††††††††††††† Again, we need to be aware, that if we see something such as is happening in Indiana with the Avian Flu, we need to be aware of what could happen here.