Present:  Gary Anderson, Don Combs, Layton Cottrill, Sarah Denman, Jan Fox, Dennis Prisk, Gary Weis

Invited Guests:  Rob Hartwell, Michael McGuffey


Minutes:  The minutes were approved after the correction to capitalize the E in E-mail in the fourth paragraph.


Updates:  Jan Fox


I spoke to Brenda Williams concerning the collaboration meeting on technology issues at the legislature on Virtual High School for K-12 Community.   K-12 students are now allowed to take courses from other places other than the state.


Information Technology Community College Curriculum NSF Grant has been totally funded.  Proposal established 19 different types of classes.  Brenda Williams to look at dual credit list to see what would be appropriate for high school.  We would come up as an entire state with strong core college high school integration.  We will need additional faculty training. Larry Froehlich and Don Combs will be at the meeting. 


Jan attended a technical meeting in Charleston on the 13th with people from WVNet, Bell Atlantic and Marshall University on issues on Web CT and video capabilities.  Maybe around the 20th of April we would have a collaborative conference and invite K-12 members and others who have a need for these areas to a round table discussion in the morning and demonstration in the afternoon.  Let people start looking at the issues.


Several IT members met with Wayne County Schools to review linking the video from Marshall into the Wayne County system.  We may do similar test in Kanawha Schools.  WVU does not want to be a part of this.


Marshall University Technology Day in Charleston.  We did not get an enormous number of legislative members to show up but the video went well and was a nice spin off.


EPOC Copyright Policy:  Rob Hartwell


You have two copies.  The latest and second revision has today’s date.  The purpose is more of an information packet for different areas.  What is copyright?, Who owns the copyright?, What can be copyrighted? What is fair use? How do I obtain copyright permission and so on.  Suggestions were made to remove the gray text area and reword the last sentence in the paragraph under "Who owns the copyright"? To read, however, if the university decides to waive ownership rights the ownership will be released to the author.  


Everyone agreed that either there should be a single place on campus where the information is housed or they can direct you to the appropriate person or organization..  Layton saw it more as a challenge for us, but did not see it as a crisis.  He thought that maybe it should come under academic affairs.  Other suggestions were maybe the library, or Layton’s office.  Sarah summed it up as to some place the faculty member would identify and would think this is the natural place to go for this type of information. It should be easily accessible and should be a place where someone could always get this information.   Should be made available to staff and students also.   Maybe create a full time or part-time position.  Layton said this would not require a law background.  The decision was to table for now.


Goal 10:  Jan Fox

There was discussion on Marshall University to create new linkages between researchers at the university and the private sector to encourage technological innovation and commercialization, develop applied research, and support technology transfer.  It was suggested that this could all go under MURC including copyright, as part of this like a one stop shopping and Gullickson Hall is certainly accessible.  Jan will speak to Jim Hooper.  It will be put on the agenda for April Board Meeting.  Layton will sit down with President Angel.


T Course Coding:  Michael McGuffey

The BOT has asked for course retention numbers with E-Course and T-Course.  The T-Courses are not coded but have the ability to code.  We could devise a way to code these classes.  The coding would be invisible on transcript.  Appear on schedule but not on transcript.  This would only be visible to Bursar’s Office and on schedule.  Don Combs said it is putting a real strain on the account, as T-courses do not generate revenue.


A motion was made by Gary Anderson, seconded by Gary Weis that the coding be made through Don Comb’s office. The motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.  Our next regular schedule meeting will be Friday, April 7th, Drinko Conference Room 426 from 9:30 to 11:00 AM. And the Polycom to South Charleston, Room 202.