ITC Meeting



Present:            Jan Fox, Frances Hensley, David Johnson, Donna Spindel, Jody Perry, Allen Taylor, Don Combs, Arnold Miller, Monica Brooks


Review of Minutes:  Approved as Amended



Fox:                 Committee updates:  The state large network contract went through as an RFQ, instead of an RFP.  There is a formal legal block, but IS&C believes E-rate deadline is covered.  This contract affects all data traffic on wide area network (WVNET).  We are covered. 


The national E-rate reimbursement is still not resolved.  K12 has not received any E-rate dollars this year.  E-rate also covers public libraries.  .  Quality of Service (QoS) for video becomes an issue when the network changes.  This impacts the quality of video.


The Governor has announced the new position of Educational Technologist.  Nancy Sturm, from the NASA Wheeling-Jesuit Classroom of the Future project, was chosen for the position.   She will be joining us on the State ITC.  A week from Wednesday, we will be going to Fairmont to look at the Grid Computing issue.  We have not signed anything to participate in Grid Computing at this point, although there is an executive order.  We have used the energy star feature on campus to shut off computers that were not in use at a savings of about $40,000 in electric bill savings per year.  With Grid Computing, these machine would no longer be idle.  We are meeting to discuss financial concerns and policies for usage and security of a grid. If this goes through it will be the largest public/private grid in the world right now.  Any of you are welcome to join us on the 23rd..  I am trying to work with Shawnee State for some Gaming Technologies using Grid Technology.


I have been working with K12 for dual credit for GIS.  This may be able to fit the 4th credit that K12 needs for science.

There are some cost issues we will have to address on the back end. 


Donna:             We are working on a redesign of the MU online site.  Our goal is to have it ready March 14.    


Jan:                  We also hope to do a similar redesign of myMU and the university web site.


Jody:                There will be a Parthenon article this week about pornography viewing in public facilities; we are trying to deal with it.  We are trying to let students know that their accounts will be turned off, if there is a violation.


Allen:                We have been contacted by University Business Magazine.  WebCT has nominated us as Best in Class for our Vista implementation.    This a big honor when you look at the schools using Vista. 


IT Strat committee meets next week.  Hopefully, I will have reports from the working groups.  This semester we are working on an update to the strategic plan.  


We are going through now with each of the groups within IT to look at resources, projects in preparation for the pilot with Project Server


Arnold:             We talked last time about bringing the Medical School back on our telephone system. We have worked out most of the bugs and could tomorrow, bring the clinical component of the med school back on line.

The real problem at this point is that it makes it simple for us, but might make life difficult for them.  They have been used to dialing 4 digits back and forth between the hospital and the clinical facility; they now have to dial the entire number for some of the numbers and remember whether it is a med school number or a Cabell Huntington number.  The only way we would be able to have a universal dialing solution, would be to add a 5 to the medical school/Cabell numbers, and we would have to add a 6 here on campus.  We are still working on it.  The projected cut over date is around Memorial Day.


The wiring project is still moving ahead.  They are finished with Corbly Hall, the Science Building, Smith Music Hall, and Harris Hall.  They will be beginning Jenkins Hall soon, and Community College building is underway now. 

Wireless is now available in Science Building.


Jan:                  Smith Hall asbestos abatement is causing issues for wireless.



Arnold:             We made it through the recent Registration process and watched the performance of the Banner machine; it showed no problems for the most part.  I don’t have any formal complaints about performance issues during the semester start up.  I feel comfortable that we won’t have any problems during pre-registration period.  If we are unable to make the cut to the new machine as planned during Memorial Day, I feel comfortable that we will be able to hold up during Orientation. 


Allen:                Our Vista implementation plan has resulted in a recommendation that we look at having a Vista presence for all courses by this next Fall.  One of the reasons is the ability to off-load Banner for grade inquiry during the end-of-semester crunch.  One of the features of Vista that we are looking at is the feature that pushes grades from the Vista grade book back into Banner.


Frances expresses concern about faculty using online grade book. 

Faculty members who are currently using the grade book are very pleased with it.


Jan:                  We did stream the State of the State address on Wednesday and archived it immediately.  We could not do multi-cast due to a WVNET issues.


David:              We recently had a live event on Channel 25, where we used 2 mg video conference between Smith Hall and the Performing Arts Center and put it out on Channel 25.  Everyone is working so well together, the cooperation between Networks and ITVS was outstanding.


Monica:            The Public Library Technology program was recently recognized with a  Southern Growth Innovators award.  It was the only state winner.  We are in the process of developing a totally on-line major.


Jan:                  Marshall was put on the advisory board of the Southern Technology Council for digital content.


Another project I am involved in is the West Virginia Venture Connection.  There are committees that Mike Perry has put together dealing with education, tech parks, research, etc. One of the issues from tech parks was to put together an inventory of people, places, things and money in order to be able to bring on different companies.  The web site is  this is a strong venture capital group.  We do have a company coming in on Wednesday called Crystalware.  Their product is a desk top computer that is equal to super computer.  They are interested in space in KineticPark




Allen:                Project Portfolio Management.  We have made a commitment to move forward on Portfolio management.  IT is trying to match what is happening in the business end of the university.  We can look at resources, accomplishments, projects, as kind of a dashboard of what is going on within the organization.   Sometimes it is difficult to know who is doing what within an organization.


This product is a cost effective solution.  Microsoft Project is part of the Campus Agreement.  It has put together a method to work with a desk top application to allow managers to integrate plans into a reporting structure that pulls it together across the organization.   The new version of the product came out this past summer, we started a trial version in the fall and sent Chuck Elliott and Yanzhi Wu to training.  The IT Executive Group had a presentation of the product.  The first step is to identify resources and staff activities.  We have to look at each staff member to determine what percentage of their time that is operational and what percentage of time is available for projects.  Over the next couple of weeks we will move ahead to change the way, within IT, that we report our activities and plan our projects.  We hope to get underway sometime this semester.  We are looking at about 150 days before going full production.  The initial idea is that we will perfect this over the next year within IT. 


Jan will put up an area within Sharepoint for IT.  Project information will be put in Sharepoint.


We would like to roll it out of IT to the entire campus.  The Community College IT group also wants to participate.  Per Monica:  it is a great tool for tracking accomplishments.


Jan:                  Many of the teams within IT are cross functional, if we have projects tracked, we can avoid over stressing employees.  Tracking projects and time involved have a possible financial impact and staff efficiencies.


It is a qualitative and quantitative tool for reporting and reflecting resource usage.  As we deal with less and less dollars and the tight staff that we have, we have to be more efficient. 


Jan:                  The North Central Group wants us to look outside, to see what needs to be changed, and determine what you need to do to make the change. 


Allen:                Some managers are worried about the cultural change to their staff. 




Arnold:             This is the framework for the policy; it is down to point where we need details. 


The purpose is to protect ourselves. 


Scope covers all of Marshall University; I have not attempted to deal with Community College at this point.


Anyone who holds some identity with us comes under this policy.


This has been split into three separate areas:


1.      Persistence of Identities:  MU ID will persist in perpetuity.

There are a few areas we still need to address. 

In the event of a change of name due to marriage and/or divorce, we need a way to do a reassignment of ID.   We are working on a procedure for moving content.

Abandonment of accounts:  we need a way to close unused or abandoned accounts.

Employee – resignation/termination/retirement – not sure how long these accounts should remain active or what should be done with content.

Computer abuse sanction

Temporary access


There are 40,000 active accounts at this point, administrative overhead and growth potential causes a major problem.



2.      Persistence of Privileges:  will be changed when the role of the individual changes within the university.


3.      Persistence of Content:  biggest issue.  Administrative (critical), fiscal (subset of administrative of fiscal nature), general (day to day chatter that may have some issue to institution), ephemeral (personal)


What type of content and where is it found?


I will send this to you electronically and ask for comments.





Monica:            This database, contains 300,000 digital images and will grow to 500,000 with the contract.

Faculty members know to contact me if they need to know if they can use images for production.