Present:  Gary Anderson, Layton Cottrill, Jan I. Fox, Tom Hankins, Jim Hooper, Karen McComas, Robert Rowe, Gary Weis

Guest:  Terry Tomblin-Byrd


Minutes:  Motion was made by Hooper and second by Anderson to accept minutes.


The following copies were handed out:  Agenda, Minutes of last meeting, Banner User Group Paradigm Shift, Marshall University Banner Users’ Group Policies and Procedures, Organization Chart, and Faculty e-course listings for approval.


Updates:  Fox

Mid-Ohio Valley Center:  The grand opening for the Mid-Ohio Valley Center in Point Pleasant is scheduled for 5:00 PM today and is open to the public.  The new facility is in partnership with Pleasant Valley Hospital.  Several will be attending from Drinko. 


Marshall Technology Day:  There will be a Marshall Technology Day on Thursday, February 17th when the legislative members meet.  Jan will be meeting with a group to discuss how we can demonstrate the impact of Marshall’s technology on the state of West Virginia.  There will be a short 20-minute movie with big overview of technology at Marshall.  If you cannot go and would like to display your work we can put the presentation on the screen for you.


President Angel signed off on the ITC e-mail Policy.

President Gilley signed off on the E-course Policy this past summer.  It was sent to the Faculty Senate for their review.


Jan is still updating the web page for all policies.


Yahoo Survey: We have completed the survey and sending it out today.  Our responses to the survey look very favorable, but it is very competitive.  This is the first year we have been able to do this.  In previous years had requested survey to fill out but never did get a copy.


Video to Point Pleasant.  We are short two major positions.  A Multi Point Control Unit was bought with grant money with 3 way sharing (MU, MUSOM, RCBI).  Will integrate and bring up testing next week.


Telecommuting Policy: Jim Stephens from Human Resources will chair this group.


Banner User Group: Tomblin-Byrd


As Banner User Groups become more numerous we want to establish policies and procedures in writing.  The BOC is the Banner Oversight Committee.  Not so much as a true policy but a group to keep communication moving.  All members serving on the BOC would be elected by the User Group.  Much discussion was made on voting and non-voting members and who should serve on this committee.  Terry’s concern was who has voting power at the BOC level.


On the Banner User Group Paradigm Shift there were the following changes.


2.  (b) change one voting to two voting

2.      (d).  All voting BOC members must serve on a BUG at the time of their BOC membership.

  Add: In addition, Vice Presidents may attend the meeting to discuss issues and facilitate the decision making process.  Therefore, the BOC will not exceed 16 members.


Add more technical people in the area of computing services.  This was in reference to having proper technical input at both the BUG and the BOC levels.  Often times, it requires input from Computing Services’ Database Administration & Shared Systems personnel as to whether something can even be accomplished within the existing and future database/software/configuration.


Anyone can request to join the group for membership. This was in reference to the BUG groups.  The BOC membership is through appointment only by a vote by the represented BUG group.


EPOC: Rob Hartwell is working on copyright issues.  Has been meeting with his group.


E-Course Development Proposal: Anderson


Gary’s handout of a spreadsheet gave a listing of all courses that have been sent to the e-course committee since its inception.  The list consisted of the Developer, Course, First and Second Round with comments.  He said that most were approved on second pass.

Faculty must follow a 2-step process.

Step 1 involves the completion, and submission of the E-Course Development Proposal Form (PDF format) or HTML format.

Step 2 involves submitting the completed course to the E-Course Development Proposal Committee for final approval for inclusion on A/B forms.

Looking at the web site there is a lot of resources there for faculty.  It gives the faculty member an idea of what we will be looking at when we evaluate a course.    Also, available is a flow chart that describes the steps beginning with the development application and continuing through the payment process.  We need to get a signed statement from them saying that they have read and understand Bulletin #9.  Could add to the bottom of the form they fill out.  That way we would have a record of their signature. 


Meeting Adjourned:  Next meeting will be Friday, March 3, 2000, Drinko Conference Room 426 – 9:30 to 11:00 am.