Information Technology Council

Monthly Meeting Minutes



Present:†††††††††† Jan Fox, David Johnson, Allen Taylor, Dennis Prisk, Carol Perry, Mike McCarthy, Layton Cottrill, Michael Misiti, Yanzhi Wu, Monica Brooks, Gary Anderson; Don Combs; Sarah Denman. Tim Burberry, Arnold Miller, Donna Spindel; Herb Karlett


Minutes approved as amended


Jan:†††††††††††††††† We need to look at any policies that need review this semester.We donít have many more meetings this year since we normally donít meet during the summer.


The State has issued an RFP for computers.There is some real controversy with contract.It did not go to Dell.There are some issues about what you can purchase.For example, notebooks on the contract are over $2,000 whereas we pay around $1,500 to $1,600.We will continue to look at the contract to see if there is any efficiency for us.


I mentioned the Grid piece before.We have not expanded the grid number of machines beyond what we originally had because an MOU does not exist with the state and the high tech consortium.I have had heat from Rahallís office and I canít progress with the MOU because of a legal issue.


We have the cell phone stipend here.The State has a draft out for appropriate usage for cell phones that we would adopt.They are still working on it.


The K12 group has a sub-group working on technology in K12 and Stan Maynard sits on one of those groups.That piece will pick up some action and they will be making major legislative requests and large financial requests.There is an advisory group that sits over those committees. We need to make sure we are all speaking with a common voice.I am the only higher ed representative on that group right now.I need a method to make sure we are representing Higher Ed.


Sarah:††††††††††††† Moving forward to upgrading of classrooms.We have added 40 classrooms more to bring us up to 80 rooms. The issue will be keeping up with systematic replacement, and also keep upgrading software.We have to monitor cost and maintenance.We have policies that people canít purchase equipment without review; but need the same guidelines for software purchases.We need to establish guidelines for maintenance; ownership and upgrades of software.

Jan: ††††††††††††††† We have and internal IT plan but need to decide if we want to broaden it to include other areas.


Sarah:†††††††††††† We need to look at all equipment.There are IT aspects to other equipment besides computers.As we begin to grow, need to look at strategic plan to determine what it covers and is it comprehensive for all places where classes are taught?What about beyond the campus?


Jan:†††† ††††††††††† The Strategic Plan should be given to you next meeting.


Gary:††††††††††††† Grade submission this Fall went very smoothly. There was much improvement over previous years.


Monica:††††††††† The Library interface has changed for the online catalog; it is better, stronger and faster.We have had a few glitches behind the scenes. Jingping and staff really have really been working overtime to get it up and running.The only limitation is that we are discovering that III is a generation behind with their Linux software.We have discovered that only 4 institutions are running the same Millennium and Linux that we are doing and Jingping is going to form users group and encourage company to upgrade their server version.We have a behind the scenes relationship with can actually process electronic requests.

We are not aware of any conflicts with privacy policies.


Don:††††††††††††††† We put in all new computer labs in Logan and for Library Resource Center in Gilbert.


Michael:†††††††† I want to thank you for coffee gesture over finals week, the students really appreciated it.

We are keeping an eye on Facebook.They have added picture aspects to their website.It is definitely a monster we are keeping an eye on.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† This semester we will be piloting a way to bring ID pictures of students into Banner.The President wants to make sure every faculty has the opportunity to know the names of their students and will have a picture to help with that.


Michael:†††††††† At the last meeting I mentioned a possibly change in registration times.I have spoken with my constituents and canít be done this next semester, to possibly 10:00 or 9:00 but it will have to wait until next semester.


††††††††††††††††††††††† I received a little negative feedback about grade release.Per Arnold:There was a system problem for about 40 minutes during that time period.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† We are looking at potentials for outsourcing student email.We are in the information seeking stage.

We are trying to get a more robust system for the students that looks similar to what students are used to.The issue is that we only communicate to students with the Marshall e-mail account but students will not use it.

Facebook is putting a real demand on our machines.


Mike:††††††††††††† We have one faculty member at MEB with issues whenever there are delays in receiving external email.

Another problem Tim Calvert, Jon Cutler and I have identified is that AOL may be timing out its deliveries at a very short time period.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† We have requested that Alumni not send out messages until after hours.We have reminded them not to send out messages during business hours.


We fended off a major virus threat last week.


Donna:††††††††††† As of this morning, we are offering 117 online sections with 3,841 registrations.Last spring we offered 81 sections and 2,318 students.We are nearing a capacity issue with the offered classes.

There are also 51 t-courses sections with 733 students.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† We are number 17 in the nation for best buy in graduate education for online courses, according to


Carol:††††††††††††† We got the final okay from NCA for online programs.


Donna:††††††††††† Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference at Purdue in March. One of our faculty members has submitted a proposal to present a Psychology course.It is unusual for a specific class-based presentation.


Allen:†††††††††††††† The TECI project is centered on the Huntington campus at this time.Our analysis shows that there are 240 learning spaces; 80 are scheduled by the Registrar for classes and all but one of those has scheduling preference.We are concentrating on those 80 classrooms.First priority was to put a wired connection at the podium and a wireless point in the classroom.We expect the classrooms to be completed by end of Spring Break.

We are also prioritizing which rooms we will take to full Smart Rooms


We have a separate group working on a pilot with Macromedia Breeze to extend beyond those classrooms and possibly replace video classrooms.We are also looking at the interest in Pod Casting.


There are 3 products that we looking at with departments interested in automating processes that are not currently automated.The first is an E-procurement area looking at SciQuest later this month.The payback that most campuses see is that itís fairly quick.There is also a product called Famous that is a facility management product called FAMIS that integrates Banner.Thirdly, a product called Trackdat is a web based strategic planning product.It does a lot of things automatically in terms of collecting feedback and getting information for strategic plans and has 20 different accreditation models that produce formats that accreditation bodies want.


We are also bidding wide area network replacement to move away from the state ATM network to newer technology called metro-ethernet.We hope, through this, to get some redundancy and increase our bandwidth for commodity internet services at about the same cost we are paying now for more bandwidth.We also hope to increase the bandwidth to regional campuses.Thatís very important for our Disaster Recovery Plan. We hope to be able to take the connection from here to the Graduate College from about 45 mg to close to a gig.We also hope through this to open the door to link to ORNet or the Pittsburgh supercomputing facilities, Internet II and Lambda Rail.


Iím beginning a project looking at e-services, this includes any of the web technologies that we run with the portal, Vista, e portfolio, as well as other services such as Facebook.We are doing an analysis of whether we go forth with doing stronger email internally or outsource.We hope to have that completed by summer


David:†††††††††††† We had a smooth start to semester for online courses.Feedback has been quite positive.


On the video side, we had one problem with our multi-point conferencing unit.We have tech support on site today, they are working with our guys to resolve the problem.


The Macromedia Breeze product:We are in a pilot with three faculty this spring.Breeze is a desktop collaboration software that includes video application sharing, audio, chat, and other tools for online collaboration.It uses Macromedia Flash as communications protocol.It is easy on the bandwidth and allows voice and video to go back and forth between faculty and student quickly.

It seems to be quite effective.The Faculty is very excited.

We are working with the Math department to do real time help to teachers for advanced math techniques.


Regarding professional development for faculty, we have four days of consulting time coming to us from the TLT group to do campus wide needs analysis for faculty development.This will give us baseline data to work with.


Arnold:††††††††††† This group needs to be aware of is a thing going on with the Department of Justice and their request to be able to surveillance.The thing is called CALEA.Effectively, it is a ruling by the Department of Justice that says that anyone who is supplying IP telephony service that hit public network are potentially going to have to tool up for a whole level of some type of surveillance activity. They want to set to monitor IP telephony calls going across network so they can monitor.If something like that were extended into the campus, it means a huge investment in the network to comply with what might happen.I bring it to the group in the event Higher Education doesnít win their battle to get ourselves excluded from that, there will be an expense to become compliant.Also, everyone needs to be aware that under those circumstances, intercom calls could be listened to with a court order. I donít think it will happen myself, but we need to be aware of the possibility. However, there is a distinct possibility that we are going to have to install some equipment at the meet point which is the internet pipe going out of the campus that would allow the Department of Justice to look at certain data streams.Supposedly, next spring is the compliance date.We are supposed to have some clarification from them by this summer.


Regarding the 911 issue:There has been a special ruling now that also says that same sort of thing about IP telephony and the ability of someone with an IP telephone to make sure if they make a 911 call that the 911 center can identify where that person is.That works fine for the phones on your desk because we can identify location.There may be issues if someone, such as a student, signs up with another IP provider. I donít know how we go about enforcing those things.


There are some Banner upgrade residual problems that we still have to work through.


By now you realize that we must keep moving to new versions to fight off viruses.





Jan:†††††††††††††††† Stipend plans have been approved previously.I just want to make sure everyone is up to date.We have two stipend plans, one for cell phones and one for internet access.The issue is that the auditor in the state wants to look at cell phone use.We still hold the university plan for business use only.If want to use your cell phone for personal use you can either carry two phones or get a stipend.


Arnold:††††††††††† We have included three documents:Memo for internet users to inform them about the policy.Also included is the Remote Internet Stipend Plan Instructions.This is a commentary to explain the process and guidelines for supervisors and employees.There should also be equivalent documentation for cell phone stipend as well as instructions for PARs for the stipends.

There is a form for employee and supervisor to fill out.I have tried to clarify with instructions.We agreed on a single application form and have negotiated a way to include both on a PAR.

Per Herb:this is a hot topic with the legislative auditor.I appreciate all the effort put into these plans.Everyone needs to work with their supervisor.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† If you have any issues, keep Arnold and me in the loop.



Email retention Policy



Arnold:††††††††††† This policy was tabled last time. It is now moved to open discussion.

I tried to put three different things into one policy.The three things are identities; accesses to resources within the network and authentication within the network; and content retention.

The real problem is the actual retention of the content (i.e, emails, documents, files common inside the system).The number one issue is the pure cost of have it sitting there not being used.If it gets corrupted, the actual time it takes to rebuild and recover.Itís not always linier.Once it grows past a certain point, the recovery time goes up exponentially.

A secondary consideration on email side is the retention of stuff that includes personal content.We have auditing issues of proof that you have used state resources for personal things.The more we have lying around, the easier it is to find by the auditor.

Another problem is the overhead that is incurred within IT should someone want something in terms of a Freedom of Information Act request.It itís there, we have to dig through everything and provide it.Our suggestion to you is that the less you have laying around, the less chance you have for an audit.

My goal was to set some limits on content.An overall document retention policy does not exist within the university.The University needs to come up with its own policy for retention of important university material.


I put a 90 day retention on ephemeral material.It is suggested that we look at a 6 month policy.


We need to come up with some sort of methodology for moving documents from email, and creating special mailboxes inside Exchange that are Department based that the real documents go into.

We need to pass a rule about the procedure for cleaning up and downsizing what we keep on the Exchange server.

There is technology available to do that.Latest greatest stuff is available to users, but is moved off as new technologies are brought in.

We need to be looking at techniques to do what we need to do because we cannot continue to let these areas grow.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† One of the concerns voiced last time was the financial component.I want to make sure we have the committee support.This will have to go to the President and the Board of Governors.We will have to make sure there is time for you each to take it back to your group.I want a motion that we be given a month to take this back to your groups for review and plan to take a vote next month.


There is a lot of interpretation here.We cannot touch what has been moved out of the Inbox. If we canít enforce the quotas, we need to archive onto a machine.This is a user education issue.

††††††††††† †††††††††††

There is no policy for maintaining critical documents within the University.I will bring this issue before the Cabinet.


Michael:††††††††† I have concern about letting students know the procedure for moving email information from their Inbox into an area where they can access that information if needed.

I would like to look at a semester term period rather than 90 days for removal of content.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† Please email me any policy issue that you think needs to be brought before this group.We have organized our policies to conform to the Board of Governors format.