Information Technology Council


January 12, 2007


Present:††††††††††† Jan Fox, Matt Christian, David Johnson, Carol Perry, Monica Brooks, Barbara Hicks, Gary Anderson, Frances Hensley, Dennis Anderson, Tom Hankins, Karen McComas, Don Combs, Layton Cottrill


Review of November Minutes:Approved



Fox:†††††††††††††††† Updates.Since we met last, the movie premiered.We did a web envelope around the existing web page in association with the movie.There is a question of how long we should keep the envelope.


We are getting into products that are mission critical such as the portal and Sharepoint because they are growing so quickly.I donít have anyone trained in Sharepoint.When Sharepoint 2007 comes out we have someone coming from Dell and we will have 2 people trained in Sharepoint.Sharepoint will be secure for internal documents and the web site will be for public view still fed through Sharepoint so we can control what goes out on the web.I really canít make any guarantees until we see the product.We are still integrating the myMU product.Our goal is that anything Banner-centric will come through the portal and anything document centric from institutional documents will come through Sharepoint.

We would create a portal authority that would be user-centric.


The online learning, merger with WebCT and Blackboard has continued to cause issues.We are their top priority for their resolution; we have their attention as we move forth.Version 4.2 offers pieces such as e-portfolios.There is a timing concern because is it an additional $26,000 purchase for us.We will bring in an individual from Bowling Green in March who is an expert in e-portfolio to consult with us.


We will also be bringing in a consultant, Warren Arbogast, to look at central IT, financials, and best practices, with fresh eyes to determine what needs to be adjusted, or changed.He may need to see other areas of the university if we want them to look at how various pieces of the university interact with central IT.


On a state level, Kyle Shafer, the state CTO, issued a RFP for MPLS for a whole new state infrastructure.We have gone to our own Ethernet to avoid state ATM charges to our remote facilities.


In relation to the Network I am chairing the academic research side of the state broadband grant, a 10 million dollar grant from the FCC dealing with rural healthcare.If we are successful it will be our connection to Internet II.That 10-15 million dollars will be what builds the infrastructure for Internet II and will support healthcare as well as academic and research for the southern part of the state.It will help build the research and academic side in addition to Higher Ed and healthcare.


Internet II is no longer a direct research piece alone.All kinds of other applications are being used with Internet II.For example, we are the only school in our athletic conference not to have Internet II and they are using it for game videos to share among institutions.


We received an email yesterday from WV FEIMS; there have been huge issues to move away from them.The state is looking at an ERP system to progress away from home grown products.This will be a very expensive endeavor.


We have all the statistics from web usage from the We Are Marshall release.We should see over time what the real impact will be for us.



Combs:††††††††††† The addition to the MOVC center is up and running.It looks great; it is a beautiful and seamless addition.We are trying to schedule a grand opening event soon.



Miller†† :†††††††††† There are some Banner upgrades this weekend.

We moved Development Alumni to Banner 7 beta.



Brooks:††††††††††† Jennifer Sias is now the Information Literacy Librarian.She is currently working on the One Book concept for UNI 101 to introduce one book assigned to everyone to read same book.The project will begin in the Fall in UNI 101 classes.We are going to bring the author in to meet with students.


The new User Education person, Sabrina Thomas, is in the process of updating how we conduct our sessions.She is working to streamline our assessment process.


The new Archives Librarian, Nat DeBruin, has hit the ground running especially with the involvement with the movie.


We also have a project running pertaining to digital content management.We are working with oral history to find way to convert the tapes in Old Main.



Hensley:†††††††† We have assessment day on April 5.

We would like to have a lot of options for students that day.We would like to include Libraries and IT to that day.



Anderson:†††††††† Is the new version of Vista expected in the fall?Per Jan:It is now in beta testing, would love to have up and running in Summer, but there is a window in May that we would have to commit and Iíve been dealing with Sarah on; we need a solid week to take the system down, but right now, there isnít a week available.We will make decision and commitment this month.



Hankins:†††††††††† Will myMU and Vista to recognize IE7 any time soon?Per Jan:This is a universal problem.Some schools, such as Georgetown, have blocked the upgrade to IE7.We are dealing with the issue now.



Johnson:†††††††††† We have already discussed the issues with Vista.We have 4,453 e-course students enrolled this semester as of this morning.We met with Peter Seigel this morning and expressed the importance of keeping this up and running. We are trying to come up with times and testing strategies for maintaining what we have and upgrading to new version.


Video seems to be going very smoothly.Tom Irwin retired last year and.Chuck Cook is now the Senior Engineer; Dwight Hensley is new on board.We are advertising for a third position for a technology enhanced classroom initiative support technician.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† Trying to decide on a PR release for the equipment donated by Verizon that is similar to a large PDA.The Medical school and Nursing have been looking at it.We will put 30 of these units in the new Welcome Center and we will be committed with the deans to have videos for colleges so students can get a brief idea of what is going on in those colleges.

We will also use them for walking tours on campus for those who come to campus on a day other than the big tour days.





Security Incidence Response:



Fox:†††††††††††††††† It is imperative that we continue with these security plans.This is an institution wide security discussion.



Miller:†††††††††††††† Information Security Incident Response Protocol diagram.We started this discussion in November.I have re-designed the diagram from comments made last meeting.Letís walk through the process to determine any needed changes.

*Per Jan:We need committed names for the teams.We have been hit with some really big stuff in the past year and there is a fear with the exposure from the movie that it will attract people to Marshall for bad as well as good.

Per Frances:We need to add Herb to that team because Residence Services reports to them.There also needs to be a Community College representative and a School of Medicine representative.

This thing could be fairly fluid according to who is involved in the incident.

Communication is the most critical point.


Communication Plan Ė level 1 and 2 are the same except one is internal and one is external.For instance, if a student hacks into the system and has access to records, does that require as much external notification, or does the group to decide?The external plan is added on to the internal plan in level 1.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† There are two levels of staff training.It is important that all staff understand security issues, beyond what we do.People have not been trained in what can and canít be done.

There is a level of education required that I donít think we are providing.



Miller:†††††††††††††† We need something in place to let us know what we can say to others and who to refer outside entities to for information.

A web page will be created, but we need to tell everyone to refer to the web page.



Fox:†††††††††††††††† With regard to the entities that we roll over data to, we need to make sure that we have some control over what they can release so that things are not tracked back to us.

As people change positions, security measures are forgotten.

Layton wants something from Jan to other entities such as Foundation for what the security issues are.


This is the right direction with the additions noted above.Call for vote that we proceed as is.Voted and approved

By next time we will consider this firm.We will have names and plan meeting.



Security Plan


I have asked that this be one of the policies that are reviewed by the new committee.

Part of what is in there is the confidentiality agreement form; the issue is that no one is signing this.There is no procedure in place that required signature.What is a good procedure?†† It could possibly be tied to payroll.

It applies equally to everyone who has any contact within the university.

Layton suggests that the wording be included in the policy and everyone is subjected to the policy.Training remains the issue.


Frances comments on the policy scope.The first sentence on second paragraph doesnít make sense, something has been dropped, it will be reviewed and corrected.


Under 2.2 Administration: Ė this is a state requirement that meets guidelines of state policy.


Jon Cutler had previously served as Information Security Officer while serving as Systems Director.He has resigned as security officer.I will be putting forth a formal request for a security officer position.


Best Practice Out of Office


Over the holiday there were issues for professional manner for best practice for Audix, out of office, messages in professional best practices for university.Want to draft one page best practices.