University Information Technology Committee


January 10, 2003


Present:††††††††† Jan Fox, Dennis Prisk, Mike McCarthy, Don Combs; Matt Christian, Barbara Winters, Arnold Miller, Gary Anderson, David Johnson, Jim Hooper


Jan:†††††††††††††††† Review of minutes - approved


Updates:†††††††† There is a lot of trauma from the state budget.One group that has been very active is called Legislative C subcommittee of the senate finance committee.This group looked at capital improvements as well as technology.In September, I presented with Henry Blosser in Wheeling to discuss WVNET and how Higher Education used this agency.Different people presented to that group, but there is real concern because the questions that they were asking in their committees indicate that they didnít understand WVNET, IS&C or Governorís Office of Technology.In November and December they have made a formal recommendation to eliminate all three agencies; or eliminate one or more agencies; or consolidate the three agencies.They certainly donít understand how WVNET was financed.It was financed through our E & G budgets and other dollars are added on as flow-through dollars.


There was a big push last week.The Governorís legislation would merge the Governorís Office of Technology and IS&C.†† Because IS&C does not know how to manage such a network, our network could be in jeopardy.We use the network for online courses, registering students, our whole backbone of everything we do on this campus, could be in jeopardy because those decisions have not been made regarding WVNET.The concern is what was presented at Wheeling. The main message was higher education depends on WVNET as the backbone for data, video and some voice.There is no plan in place.They forecasted 11 million dollars in savings which was from getting rid of Governorís Office of Technology and IS&C, but did not cover the cost of outsourcing.I am a firm believer in not duplicating anything, but there needs to be a plan in place.


One of the biggest issues is that the state gets huge amounts from E-Rate, particularly K12 and Libraries.For their connections, they pay less than 30% of the cost of one, subsidized by E-Rate dollars.There are unresolved issues that need to be worked on with the contract to Frontier, which used to be Citizens.If that contract is not finishedin the next few months, the state will lose almost 2 and a half million dollars in E-Rate funds.That was overlooked.


Similar things happened with the ATM Network.There is a tremendous amount of waste there.Going across the eastern LATA, they put up a DS3 which is a fairly large pipe going across that LATA, for 2 Ĺ years.At that time, it cost more than $400,000 annually and did not have enough traffic to justify the connection.

There has been a suggestion that if they keep WVNET, they will try to put it under Secretary of Administration, which is exactly why WVNET was pulled out from IS&C originally.The Chancellor certainly has his hands full and it could impact every one of us.It would certainly impact Don for all of the remote centers, it would impact anyone doing research, anyone using libraries, any student service.††

The smaller institutions use WVNET to supply their administrative and educational services.


Another concern we all need to be aware of is through The Secretary of Education and the Arts dollars, they have provided those ATM dollars since 1998.They supplied 1.5 million dollars annually.We took advantage of that money.We put our ATM up first and covered connections to MOVC for a couple of years; our main backbone in Huntington and MUGC.We got one or two years out of Beckley and Gilbert.That money ends this year.In addition to what was being covered out of those dollars for those LATA crossings.That money will go away.We may see potentially a 20% increase our telecom bills.Itís possible we wonít see anything, we don't cross the LATA, but in a few locations.We are pretty well contained through the southern LATA.†† WVU will be hit more.Video classes go across the LATA more often than other areas of MU.We need to be aware of what's going on out there.We may have institutions that turn off some of their ATM service.


As money is provided by the state telecommunications council there has been dollars put forth for a state-wide IT conference, that includes K12, higher ed, and other agencies.They are looking at maybe September instead of Governorís Office of Technology Conference, the IS&C Conference, and WVNET Conference.We would do one major conference with sub conferences meeting prior to conference to combine issues to discuss at the statewide meeting.We would have to attend by video links if it is held beyond Charleston.


The other big topic is the VISTA contract.VISTA is WebCTís next enterprise version.It is more dynamic, easier to use by faculty and we will be able to host several institutions at one time.The contract, as of yesterday, was still not signed by Attorney General.If it is signed, we are planning the install in March.†† We will be running in preprod until Fall.


We were contacted by a group that does production for CBS and ABC for Eye on Technology and Family something.They are interested in having Marshall in a 7 minute spot to be run 50 times. (5 times nationally and 45 times regionally).It is also run in 6 national magazines.There is cost associated with it, but we doní know if we could come up with the money.


Barbara:†††††††† I have heard that the library commission got itís full budget of 7.0 million for the year approved.I don't know where money is coming from.


I am concerned about the future of Collections access to intellectual resources.I want to demonstrate the Buffalo Creek collection at the next meeting.It is very interesting.David suggests that we need to track hits to this collection.


Mike:††††††††††††† We are gearing up for the LCME committee visit in March.We have boiled everything down to a 30 page document as we were directed to prepare in advance.LCME is more interested this time in information resources and technology than they ever have been in the past.I think we are ready.The ramifications of bad review would be a probationary approval of accreditation with a revisit scheduled for earlier time period.Finances continue to be an area of concern, but we arenít unique in that respect.


Arnold:††††††††††† The Workstation Software charge back has been sent out.We have worked diligently on the inventory and data base.There are still a few bugs, but it is the best we could get.Per Jan: Auxiliary units will be charged the fee.The IT budget will cover the other areas.As of July 1,everyone will be responsible for their own fees.


††††††††††††††††††††††† For the network connection bills, all departments will be responsible for their own fees.


I have spent time dealing with the new residence hall opening.There is a plan to move phone service to cell phone service rather than traditional phone service.A vendor has been approved, still in the works.


I am working on the Information Security Policy and will present a first draft at an upcoming meeting.


Regarding the ATM - right now we are in a good position in that the campus phone system is actually paid for.The hopes were that we could collect the money to build a capital pool for the fade out when we move to the next system when necessary.That is not happening right now, in that we have these ATMphone bills starting to build up and we are using some of that capital collection to cover that and at the same time we have a good size bill for the internet connection coming from WVNet that used to be covered by a grant from Verizon.The ATM charges institution wide are about $200,000 per year.The internet services are about $130,000 a year.When we add the overhead charge added to the ATM bills to cover these other ancillary connections within the network and not just directly associated with our end node charges, it was 20%,thatís another $40,000 we could get hit with if we have to start absorbing the latta crossings.


Herb has committed to pushing the chargeback for internet services as a charge down to the individual workstation and that is my proposal at this point, that it would probably follow the workstation fee.The difference being we have residence halls to deal with.We wouldnít charge them the workstation fee, but we would have to charge them the internet connection and maintenance fee.†† The proposal needs to be dealt with before April or May so we can get the word out to everybody that thatís going to happen.


Iím in negotiations with the Med School Clinic facility to bring them back on the phone system.They were taken off the central system when they were moved to the Cabell facility.Since we now have the fiber in place, they are considering re-integrating the phone system.††


RCBI is on separate fiber as well as ATI.The Med. school running data on the fiber and they seem satisfied with that.


David:†††††††††††† After the winter break have to reboot all of the machines and

retest all of the equipment.All of the codecs have been rebooted and are running.We found projector bulb problems in AC211 and in Corbly 262 and we are working on that.The network is more solid than we have ever seen.QoS has been turned on at WVNET, but is not turned on to this campus.We are seeing improvements already.We are testing with K12 this afternoon with Wayne County.


We are looking good for video network start up on Monday.

Williamson and Logan should see significant improvement.


We got a grant from the Benedum Foundation to do a Distributed Education project from the Fine Arts and the Jean Harless Center and Distributed Ed.Basically, we are taking what used to be Arts on Wheels and professional development in the schools and doing distance learning.


Adelphia Channel 25 is up and running.We have some announcements running on there right now.The Marshall, Cabell County Schools and ATI are the 3 major contributors right now.We working with journalism mass communication students to do productions on their own.We donĎt have the staff to do all the types of productions.We are working on putting on more announcements.There are some hardware upgrades we would like to be able to do to make it more functional, but they are a little further down the road.


Don:††††††††††††††† We have received a request from the Harless Center in Gilbert about moving the distance learning classroom.We have no set time line.This could be an opportunity for us to possibly make the space more usable.


I am no longer optimistic about the Teays Valley Regional Center due to how the politics have played out.


We are trying to initiate a course from MOVC to Hannan High School.


Matt:††††††††††††† We had 35 streams for the Governorís State of the State Address.People on cable modem were having trouble viewing streams.Cable modem users are getting burst technology gives the user a huge amount of bandwidth to start out the connection but the longer the connection, the smaller the bandwidth becomes.†† We are trying to change the way we handle the streaming and how we encode the live stream so that will be addressed.


††††††††††††††††††††††† We now have the new website design up and running and are getting positive feedback.We encourage everyone to look at the new site and provide any comments you may have.



Gary †††††††††††††† One thing that is nice to report, we have managed to SOC 200, MTH 130, MTH 123 and possibly ENG 101.A number of key courses that have been developed and are on line this Spring and there are a few other courses very key courses out there in process.




Jan:†††††††††††††††† I represent Higher Ed. on the State ITC group.Because of the major hacking break-ins in the state, they have decided that everyone needs a security policy.Part of this is our own security policy and part of it is part of the template.


Arnold:††††††††††† In light of the pressure from the state agency, we took large portion from the template from the state agency.You will see, in the document, a reference to an item called ďthe Governorís Office of Technology Information Security GuidelinesĒI would like to point you to the Principles at 3.1.1.It outlines fairly well what the expectations were for the security principles of the institution.As set out in this document there are basically two levels: (1) the owner of the data and (2) the custodian of the data.In most cases, Computing Services is the custodian of the data.We donít necessarily control the data, but we have certain responsibilities to protect that data.The owner also has a duty to protect that data.The policy further states that we need to look at every information resource and decide what appropriate access is, and how to classify the data.It is up to the owner of the data to make the determination and the custodian can implement it.


Jan:†††††††††††††††† I have concern that since we have a full Enterprise Administrative System, which means student information, finance, and HR.There are concerns that because we can see student information, we need to be aware that this information is confidential.We are required to follow FERPA guidelines.WebCT requirements for use of Social Security Numbers will be changed this year.There is continued concern over using the social security number as the student ID.


Arnold:††††††††††† There is a section in this policy that states that every employee who is given access to information resources will sign a confidentiality agreement.This is an effort to remind everybody that they have responsibilities to protect confidential information and includes the penalties they would face.


Jan suggests submitting this policy as a Draft to the Governorís Office of Technology this year.†† Dennis moves to adopt and Mike seconds with the addition of a link and addition of the word civil litigation on last page.This will be called the Interim Policy.





Jan:†††††††††††††††† This committee reviewed the document.The document then went on to the Deanís group who had other changes, then other committees got involved.I thought that due to all of these changes, the document needed to come back to this group because we donít want to say we have approved something and then have major changes without it going back through this group.


Review of Changes;


No 1:†† ††††††††††† We are going to consolidate the functions of Carolyn Karr's committee with the on-line course committee.Gary and Donna will clarify the standard procedures to make them more streamlined.They will also set up an online form for course proposals.Donna is still trying to draft committee and the committee list will be put on-line.Voted and Approved


No 2:†††††††††††††† E courses and T courses defined as on-line courses.This means that the policies previously defined to e-courses now apply to t-courses.Mike has an issue with the distinction between university courses for credit and WebCT courses for continuing medical education.It is recommended that under scope needs to be at the beginning of the policy and there needs to be a definition of the types of courses included.†††


NO. 3 -††††††††† No Objections.


NO. 4 -††††††††††† No Objections.


NO. 5:†††††††††††† No Objections.


NO. 6:†††††††††††† Intellectual property committee - page 13 Ė (parallel to policy 9).We need a clarification of the make up of the committee and material.Agreed that we will reference the Cornell document to make our document less encompassing.Formal recommendation for paragraph to be re-written to make it less encompassing and to be better defined for the purpose of the policy.Voted and Approved as amended.


NO. 7.†††††††††††† Will hold vote until Karen McComas is present.


NO. 8††††††††††††† Need to include language that the academic unit is responsible for periodic review.Dennis feels that the review policies should be the same for online and traditional courses.


At the top of page 4 Ė we want to make sure we are only talking about courses developed by faculty member for compensation.

The academic deans will have to look at all online courses for content.

Jan suggests that students be required to e-mail the deans, the faculty and course creator of any problems they encounter as a way to review course.


We will hold the vote on 7 and 8 until changes are made.


NO 9:††††††††††††† (master page 6 at top). Regarding the sentence that has been struck -Gary wants that sentence put back in even though Deans want it struck.We have a potential lawsuit on this one now.We need to clarify the sentence to take out the word internal.


This group reached no compromise on this issue.Gary, David and Dennis will work on a clarification.Gary will be invited to the next Dean's meeting to explain the changes directly to Deans.


Mike:††††††††††† Due to time constraints, I will e-mail my matters for discussion.


††††††††††††††††††††††† Adjourned.